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Labeling and Materials Management

Accelerate labeling planning and submissions with lower risks.

Achieve end-to-end visibility and control of the labeling process throughout the product lifecycle.


Tackle labeling challenges.

Label management is a complex activity that is on-going through the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product from early product development through the end of life for the product. It requires specialist input and careful coordination across an organization, and involves resources across regional divisions and local operations.

Coupled with the need to meet the diverse and shifting regulatory requirements across global markets, it is no surprise that achieving effective label management remains a major challenge for many life sciences organizations.

Establish a better solution for labeling and material management, with:

  • End-to-end review and management of the labeling process
  •  Process monitoring capabilities for distribution on local, regional, and global levels
  •  Clear visibility throughout process orchestration with automated workflows

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