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Sales Automation & Marketing Management

Digitize and streamline processes and communication.

Siloed customer data negatively impacts productivity, efficiency, and premium growth. Insurers need to bring this disparate data together so they can coordinate activities to target, engage, and close sales opportunities – but there are often unique processing requirements that justify the need for multiple CRMs and databases.

Leveraging Appian, insurers can extend current systems and create a unified user experience for all data and actions, along with scalable workflows to execute, analyze, and audit various business processes.

Features at a glance:
  • Gain insight into all available information via a 360 degree view of their customer portfolio from all data sources
  • Manage business processes, incorporating customer-centric data, evaluating business-critical data, and providing necessary analytics
  • Coordinate complex processes, with the capability to add additional business functions across the enterprise as requirements evolve
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