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Payments processing.

Create a single orchestrated process for payments


Payments processing at insurers and reinsurers can be complex and cumbersome because many checks must happen across disparate systems. Meanwhile, the customer is often left waiting for the payment to be made without understanding the reason for the delay, resulting in confusion and dissatisfaction. 

Insurers and reinsurers need to create a more efficient, streamlined process for payments and expedite sanction checking.

Features at a glance:

Here are some of the features Appian offers for insurance payments processing:

  • Increase speed and ease of use by creating one orchestrated process for payments and combining all variant processes using Appian rules and automation capabilities.
  • Increase auditability of data, processes, decisions, and outcomes by enabling an end-to-end view of the sanction checking process.
  • Expedite completion of exceptions by ensuring they are handled correctly and picked up by the right department and people.
  • Easily monitor progress and status requests from users.