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Audit management.

Unlock the speed and flexibility needed to future-proof internal audit functions.


The internal audit function at insurers and reinsurers is a critical line of defense to ensure all areas of your business and external partners (including MGAs) are complying with rules and procedures. Inefficient or inaccurate audits can have a ripple effect and expose your organization to a multitude of risks.

Insurers and reinsurers need a way to more easily orchestrate and conduct audits across key insurance areas, including underwriting, claims, and premiums.

Features at a glance:
  • Integrate disjointed manual processes and orchestrate processes end to end (e.g., notification of dates, coordination of tasks and timelines, and internal and external communication).
  • Gain a full audit history across multiple regions and enable a real-time view of performance by combining historical data and documents with current data.
  • Easily manage follow-up tasks, risks, and issues with relevant stakeholders and automate rules for notifications and reminders.
  • Achieve better insights with the speed and accuracy of intelligent automation.
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