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Provider, Network, and Member Services

Attract and retain the best providers on your network.

Take slow, cumbersome processes out of provider onboarding and create a fast, real-time directory process for your members.

  • Automate member enrollment
    Grow your membership with top tier service that gives your members a leg up on owing their healthcare journey 
  • Eliminate manual processing
    Replace outdated, complex member onboarding, enrollment and maintenance processes, and unify member data across systems
  • Gain a seamless customer experience with real-time member data
    Full visibility into status of member enrollment and onboarding, from quote, to ID card, to premium billing status.
  • Ensure Seamless Payment Processing
    See how intelligent automation can make provider onboarding fast, easy, real-time, and accurate, the first time.
  • Guarantee Accurate, Real-time Provider Directories
    Avoid the potential of regulatory fines that come with out-of-date provider directories.
  • Increase Member Satisfaction
    Leverage the power of low-code automation for fast and easy provider configuration so members know which providers are included in their plans.


Appian is trusted by leading healthcare organizations across the globe to serve their patients and members better. Read the five ways our low-code automation platform helps improve outcomes.

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