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Clinical Care Operations

Coordinate care across the continuum.

Manage the care journey of your patients and members more efficiently and productively. Bring together disparate systems for a 360 degree view of the patient.

  • Easier visibility across your entire healthcare organization.
    With Appian, bring all of your device management systems into a single interface.
  • Easier device maintenance and management.
    Ensure your patients are getting what they need from their devices, rather than spending time managing them.
  • The power of intelligent automation to improve patient outcomes.
    Achieve a complete picture of each asset for increased efficiency, value, and patient results.
  • Improve Management and Monitoring
    Reduce trial times and increase visibility of critical processes throughout the entire lifecycle while gaining insights.
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
    Automate processes with end-to-end monitoring for both individual tasks and the trial as a whole.
  • Easily collaborate and move forward
    Enhance collaboration between clinical trials groups and regulatory stakeholders.
  • Intelligent automation for better care delivery
    Appian supports the delivery of individualized patient experiences both in and outside of the hospital setting.
  • Provide quality care while ensuring safety and efficiency
    Appian gives home healthcare workers the power to integrate EMRs, scheduling systems and provider emergency alert systems onto a single platform.
  • Industry leading case management
    Case management simplifies complex interactions to help patients reach resolution faster and to increase patient satisfaction.
  • Easier access to patient data for improved outcomes
    Eliminate data silos for real-time access to patient data in a single solution.
  • Easy follow-up for both clinicians and patients
    Leverage automation for a single solution that eliminates manual tasks and increases efficiency.
  • Real-time information sharing made simple
    Secure access to patient information, available at any time, on any device, anywhere.
  • Aggregate data to better coordinate services
    Eliminate manual tasks and redundant data entry through low-code automation.
  • Enable critical decisions in real-time
    Create customized workflows to easily implement care plans and better serve patients and members.
  • Automate care management to improve outcomes
    Create customized workflows with alerts for each care manager and improve data accuracy with a single interface.
  • Approve prior treatment authorizations quickly and accurately
    Easily share data between payers and providers for faster decision making and customer service.
  • Easier decision making and faster processes
    With a comprehensive utilization management application, your clinical care operations can run smoothly, enabling you to focus on your members.
  • Prior authorization that provides the best service
    Appian also provides the ability to add AI and RPA to care management operations for easier approvals.

A large healthcare payer operating in multiple states used Appian for smart utilization management to lower service time by over 15% and to automate processes for improved accuracy and response time for pre-authorization.

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