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Worthwhile Business Process Improvement Tools by Appian

There are many business process improvement tools on the market, but few are as customizable, comprehensive, and easy to use as the ones made available by the Appian.

One particularly useful tool is Appian’s Process Modeler. The Process Modeler can be accessed with any web browser. Its innovative environment accepts drag-and-drop functionality as opposed to other solutions that require heavy IT programming for process design. This makes it easy to use for business people without strong IT backgrounds.

Instead of allowing business users to design processes blindly, the Appian Process Modeler provides insights into process metrics which help improve process performance. It also comes equipped with business activity monitoring, which users can use to analyze process performance, identify bottlenecks, and continuously improve process optimization. The notation it uses (BPMN) is the universal language for process modeling.

The Process Modeler is just one of the many business process improvement tools that make the Appian BPM software suite well worth the investment.

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