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Cost-Cutting through Digital Process Automation

Appian offers a business process management (BPM) software suite with business process automation tools that are unlike any other. Digital process automation is a simple concept wherein human tasks are streamlined and augmented by software applications. This is done in order to cut the costs of human labor, make processes easier and more efficient for managers and decrease errors.

Because human labor is so expensive, automation is most often associated with cost-cutting. If tasks that can be done without human involvement are already being addressed, humans have more time to handle important tasks that cannot be automated, thereby increasing a company’s overall productivity.

There are also certain tasks that computers and machines can complete more efficiently and effectively than human beings. A fully automated water bottling assembly line, for example, may produce bottled water faster than a human assembly line, but a human being may be required to calibrate, repair, and maintain the system.

The purpose of digital process automation software solutions, like Appian BPM, is to automate tasks for maximum efficiency whenever possible, in order to increase profit margins.

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