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Streamline Case Management at Government Agencies with a Prebuilt Software Solution

Jason Adolf, Industry Vice President - Global Public Sector
October 30, 2023

Whether you realize it or not, government agencies run on case management: a methodical, structured approach for addressing individual cases, issues, or problems. You’re performing casework if each instance, or case, involves a workflow with multiple steps, documents, and regulatory policies, with handoffs to various stakeholders along the way. Whether your agency handles criminal investigations and law enforcement, Medicaid determinations, or constituent services such as licensing and permitting, you’re working on cases—and you can benefit from modern government case management software.

Unfortunately, though, agencies are often held back by narrowly customized, inflexible, legacy government case management software where manual tasks abound. Audit and compliance checks are still done by hand, and workforce management, scheduling, and task management systems lack modern AI capabilities.

For decades, government agencies have used Appian to modernize their systems with low-code, accelerating the pace of digital innovation in government while creating a future-proof foundation for critical case work. Now Appian is offering a first-of-its-kind, low-code case management as a service (CMaaS) solution. The new, low-code application combines the simplicity and speed of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product with the perfect-fit design of a purpose-built application. It is specifically designed to enable agencies to gain case management efficiencies without developing them from the ground up.

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Modernize government case management.

Appian Case Management for Public Sector automates and optimizes service delivery at government agencies while providing an exceptional citizen experience. Built on the low-code Appian Platform, the solution can be easily tailored to your needs. It seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and technologies and sets you up for continuous improvement over time. 

Use the Appian Case Management for Public Sector solution to: 

  • Modify structured workflows on the fly to handle complex cases and exceptions while maintaining compliance.
  • Unify data across disparate systems to provide full end-to-end transparency and visibility.
  • Deliver a well-designed, intuitive user experience to constituents and employees. 
  • Offload repetitive, manual tasks to robotic process automation (RPA) bots. 
  • Discover process bottlenecks and areas for improvement with process mining. 
  • Monitor service-level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time with advanced analytics.

The solution draws on Appian’s decades of experience creating case management solutions for dozens of government customers.

Increase flexibility with case management as a service (CMaaS).

CMaaS is a composable approach to case management modernization where application capabilities are represented as reusable modules. The composable approach enables rapid delivery of highly configurable applications in weeks, rather than months. 

The Appian Case Management for Public Sector solution includes out-of-the-box functionality and integrations with systems that government case workers commonly use. Key components include:

  • Configurable templates for defining specific workflows for different types of cases.

  • Complete, end-to-end workflows that progress throughout the lifecycle of a case.

  • Automated case routing.

  • Intuitive portals for constituent self-service and secure messaging.

  • Automation tools, including robotic process automation (RPA), AI, and process mining, to continuously improve and automate your processes.

  • Customizable reporting metrics and a flexible report generator.

Automated cloud security and compliance monitoring.

Appian solutions are hosted in the secure Appian Cloud, removing the need for an administrator to keep security up to date. Appian Cloud security authorizations include FedRAMP and StateRAMP authorization; DISA Provisional Authorization (PA) at Impact Level 5 (IL5); SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 certification; HIPAA security compliance; Section 508 adherence for accessibility for people with disabilities; and PCI-DSS-compliant payment portals.

Want to see how you can rapidly develop case management applications? Watch a demo on-demand: Introducing the New Public Sector Case Management Solution.