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New for Procurement Professionals: Easier Market Research for Federal Government Acquisitions

Ben Allen, Vice President, Public Sector Solutions
April 16, 2024

Federal procurement professionals purchase a wide range of items to keep the government running—everything from paper clips to propellers. 

Rather than starting government acquisitions from scratch, what if procurement professionals like you could leverage information from similar procurements—especially since you can’t be an expert on every type of good or service? The Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR) already requires you to conduct market research to learn from past procurements, which can offer a wealth of information regarding:

  • Acquisition strategies

  • Past suppliers

  • Procurement methods

  • Historical timelines 

  • and more

The problem: Difficulty finding relevant past procurements

While past procurements are available on government procurement websites like and USASpending, the search options on those sites are suboptimal, to put it mildly. For example, a quick search for “coffee maker” turns up such entries as janitorial services, forest cabin replacement, and housing for students. It’s a challenge finding relevant procurements on those sites. 

And even when data is discovered, it frequently lacks the necessary completeness and contextual information to make it truly valuable. 

What’s more, contracting officers need to search multiple websites to try to get a complete picture, and it’s nearly impossible to manually marry award and solicitation data found on the various sites.

An easier, better way to gain insights from past procurements

Appian developed ProcureSight as a way of alleviating the frustration around market research for federal acquisition by providing easy visibility into past procurements. Using semantic search and AI, ProcureSight provides highly relevant search results, from solicitation through award, all in one place.

Using ProcureSight, you can easily gain valuable insight into past suppliers, total costs, procurement methods, and special contract requirements. You’ll also get a good sense of historical timelines of similar procurements to help you build a better acquisition.

Why ProcureSight?

ProcureSight scours multiple government procurement datasets like and Federal Procurement Data Systems (FPDS) data available on and instantaneously pulls the results you’re looking for. It is the only tool for government program offices and contracting teams that:

  • Displays relevant search results in seconds.

  • Marries public solicitation and award data.

  • Offers an intuitive user interface (UI) that is easy to use without training.

  • Automatically surfaces intelligent insights from relevant documents.

  • Provides efficiency tools that allow users to quickly access answers to their exact questions, without needing to read through dozens of documents.

  • Gives you a jumpstart on document creation.

Built on the agile, low-code Appian Platform, ProcureSight can respond faster to market needs and push product updates more quickly than commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

ProcureSight is free to government employees through 2024. Start using it today at and accelerate and improve your procurements.