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SCOPE Summit Recap: The Best and Brightest in Clinical Operations

Marissa Coughlin, Appian
March 8, 2023

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of attending the SCOPE Summit for Clinical Operations Executives in Orlando, Florida. Leaders from life sciences, biotech, clinical research organizations (CROs), and technology partners joined together to discuss the most pressing topics impacting the current state of clinical development. 

The Appian team had a great few days exhibiting and presenting alongside Merck and Princeton Blue showing how process automation helps manage the clinical supply chain and how data integration helps Merck drive significant value. The team presented Merck’s solution, built on Appian, which provides an accurate, real-time, and dynamic schedule, keeping everyone in the supply chain informed and helping quality auditors simplify the quality review and release process. 

Watch our session ]

There were a few common themes throughout the sessions, focusing around the importance of breaking down process and communication silos. These included: 

Clinical trial innovation: There is a need for new technology in clinical trials to boost efficiency and accuracy and allow researchers to bring new therapies to market faster. By reducing the time and cost associated with clinical trials, more resources can be allocated towards research and development, which can lead to more significant discoveries. 

Collaboration: More effective collaboration is crucial moving forward. Developing solutions for enhanced collaboration across functions leads to improved trial quality, streamlined processes across groups, and higher rates of compliance.

Patient centricity: There is growing emphasis on increased patient engagement and participation in trials. By designing trials that are more patient-centric, researchers will better understand patient experiences and preferences, which can lead to improved patient outcomes.

Having a connected understanding of the entire clinical lifecycle, from gaining insights across internal functions to incorporating the voice of the patient, is vital to helping organizations deliver on their missions. With solutions that enhance connectivity, organizations can operate with greater speed and effectiveness, gaining a broader understanding of their processes and ultimately providing patients with better products and experiences. 

There are exciting things happening across the clinical lifecycle, especially the looming possibility of bringing drugs and devices to market more efficiently. SCOPE 2023 enabled some dynamic and interesting discussions—the entire Appian life sciences team looks forward to seeing what the future holds for next year's conference.   

Reconnect with the Appian team in Boston for the DIA 2023 Global Annual Meeting taking place June 25–29. We look forward to learning, connecting, and collaborating with you!