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Revolutionizing Government Acquisition: Groundswell Describes a Tech-Driven Approach

Shari Ingerman, Appian Public Sector
December 1, 2023

We recently met up with Meg Guckenberg and Sean Wybenga from Groundswell, an Appian implementation partner and leading system integrator for the federal government. They shared their thoughts on the pressing challenges and evolving expectations of government acquisition work.

The duo shed light on the transformative role technology plays in addressing the age-old pain points agencies face. In this blog, we'll distill their wisdom into actionable strategies and explore the pivotal role technology can play in modernizing the acquisition ecosystem.

[ For the full interview, read the eBook, Government Acquisition Outlook: Experts Weigh In on the Future of Procurement. ]

Key requirements of acquisition software.

For government agencies across the US, there’s no question about it: the acquisition process needs to improve. And that improvement hinges on modernizing acquisition software. According to Groundswell, there are four key points a good procurement solution needs to be able to hit:

  • Integrated systems and data. Possibly the greatest hurdle to overcome in government procurement software is the existence of siloed systems and data, hindering effective communication across agency offices. Guckenberg and Wybenga emphasized the need for a technology-driven solution that creates a centralized, collaborative space. They cited Appian’s data fabric that brings together disparate data sources into a unified experience as one such example.

  • Intuitive user interface. Due to advances in commercial software, there is a growing expectation for quick implementations and intuitive systems. Acquisition technology, too, should keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Guckenberg and Wybenga encourage agencies to adopt technologies that empower users with instant access to relevant acquisition information.

  • AI and automation. A robust federal acquisition software solution integrates AI and automation to streamline and enhance the procurement process to identify cost-saving opportunities, mitigate risks, and ensure a more efficient and transparent acquisition lifecycle.

  • Agile software. The government environment changes often, so software needs to be adaptable and easy to update. Guckenberg and Wybenga highlight the beauty of low-code technology, which allows government agencies to replace parts of their workflow without swapping out their systems wholesale. This incremental approach, inherent in Appian Government Acquisition solutions, is a more feasible and efficient strategy than a full system overhaul.

Keeping up with change.

It’s clear that technology is the key to working faster and adapting to change. Another major theme that emerged in the conversation with Groundswell is the need for technology to address the challenge of a newer, younger workforce, as more seasoned acquisition professionals approach retirement age. All the more reason to implement intuitive software that:

  • Assists newcomers by design.

  • Automates routine tasks. 

  • Provides a smooth onboarding process, freeing experienced personnel to focus on more complex decision-making.

Download the full eBook for a deeper dive into the insights provided by Groundswell. The eBook explores strategies, technologies, and real-world examples that can reshape government acquisition practices for the better.