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How Appian is Building a Partner-Focused Strategy to Drive Growth and Accelerate Customer Value

Katherine Granat, Vice President, Global Partner Programs, Appian
November 15, 2023

Partners have played a key role in Appian’s growth since Appian was founded. Over the years our relationships with global system integrators and leading solution providers have grown exponentially.

We’re committed to recognizing and investing in these truly innovative partner organizations. In a time when ecosystems rule and the ability to integrate is a must, our partners continue to lead digital transformation across industries and around the world. Our partners solve customers’ most complex business challenges with Appian as a core component of their toolset.

Appian has strengthened our commitment to partners, embedding them in everything we do across the organization. Appian CEO Matt Calkins and Appian CRO Chris Jones recognized the importance of the partner ecosystem and have prioritized incorporating partners into the DNA of our culture. We believe that embedded partnerships are the key to success for our customers, partners, and Appian.

Appian’s new partner-focused strategy strengthens our position as a vendor of choice for end-to-end process automation and drives increased customer access to Appian’s unique value proposition: One unified platform. Highly integrated. Scalable and secure.

New Partner Program speeds revenue growth.

The new Appian Partner Program enables partners to leverage Appian’s end-to-end process automation platform to drive innovation for customers, help them discover new sources of revenue and thrive in an uncertain economy. 

With the goal of helping partners accelerate time to market, deliver outstanding customer experiences, and increase profitability, the new partner program offers unprecedented access to Appian resources, financial incentives, and tailored support.

The program empowers Appian partners to grow their business by supporting their preferred routes to market and respond to the new buyer journey through a unified and simplified program structure. As partners advance to higher program tiers, they qualify for increased performance-based financial benefits and deeper levels of enablement from Appian.

New financial incentives.

A key component of the new Appian Partner Program is Deal Registration, which protects partners' sales investments with defined rules of engagement, and recognizes and rewards new customer acquisition. The program increases partner profitability by providing:

  • Predictable discounts.

  • Stackable incentives for registered deals and new logos.

  • Ability to sell to new customers in any market segment with no restrictions. 

Supports partner pipeline creation and sales success.

Appian has grown the number of resources dedicated to supporting partners’ go-to-market activities and made co-marketing funding available to partners sooner to drive top-of-funnel pipeline creation.

  • Partner Sales Managers to support joint go-to-market. 

  • Sales tools and resources to accelerate partner deal advancement.

  • Pipeline Acceleration Fund for demand creation.

Enables partners to capitalize on high demand for Appian skilled resources.

Appian boosts partner enablement with expanded training programs for new partners and fosters the growth of skilled, senior-level certified developers. Collaborating with universities and partners, Appian actively nurtures the developer ecosystem. 

  • Appian Fast Start enables new partners to get ramped up quickly with free developer training and certifications.

  • Appian Edge for partners upskilling and certifying practitioners holding eligible certifications on competitive platforms.

  • Accelerated Senior Developer course offers a unique approach allowing practitioners to learn while still actively working on customer projects.

  • University Partnership support for Appian partners working with local schools interested in offering an Appian curriculum.

The Appian Partner Program delivers on our commitment to support partners in 2024 through:

  • Enablement: Elevating partner excellence.
    Empowering partners with expanded, exclusive product and sales training to foster excellence.

  • Alignment: Accelerating success together.
    Facilitating engagement and alignment through the sales cycle via deal registration, expediting sales success for all.

  • Investment: Partner growth at the core.
    Demonstrating our commitment through increased financial investments in partners as they advance to higher tiers while collaboratively developing go-to-market strategies for new customer acquisition.

We are bringing customers and partners the power to innovate with the Appian Platform and the new and improved Appian Partner Program. Implementing an ecosystem model is not simply a program enhancement; it’s a top-down cultural and strategic shift. And we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Unlock your path to success by registering for the Appian Partner Community and gain access to invaluable resources like sales training, deal registration, marketing tools, and exclusive content.