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Accelerate Casework with an In-App Editing Tool in Case Management Software

Shari Ingerman, Appian
January 22, 2024

Casework is an intricate process that involves the assembly and management of a myriad of files, tasks, and personnel. At its core, casework aims to build a comprehensive narrative or profile, drawing together disparate pieces of information to construct a cohesive whole. 

The complexity of case management arises from the diverse data sources and numerous stakeholders involved in the process. Appian has simplified case management with its flexible, low-code case management as a service (CMaaS) platform capability, Case Management Studio. Appian’s expertise in workflow management, process automation, AI, document management, and task management all come together to simplify and improve case management with dashboard-style views.

Collaboration is key.

One of the primary challenges in casework is the need to share content among contributors. In law enforcement, for instance, investigators, forensic experts, legal professionals, and external agencies need to share and edit documents. File sharing and collaborative document editing are crucial for the synthesis of evidence, legal arguments, and case strategies. Similarly, in HR casework, different departments and individuals might be involved in tracking an employee's career trajectory, certifications, training, and disciplinary actions.

The challenge of collaborative document editing.

The intricacy of casework amplifies when considering the diverse nature of documents involved—for example, witness statements and forensic reports in a criminal case or performance appraisals and training records in an HR context. The challenge is not only managing these documents—which are created by different teams and stored in different databases—but also ensuring they remain accurate, up-to-date, and accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

Document version control becomes a significant concern, as edits and updates made by different parties must be tracked and consolidated without compromising the integrity of the information. This process demands a robust system for document sharing, access control, and audit trails to maintain a clear and transparent version history.

The Appian Case Management solution enables users to surface all relevant documents from diverse systems and mine them for answers with AI. Realizing that the ability to edit and annotate documents could be a huge advantage for users, Appian partnered with Apryse to integrate the Apryse WebViewer document collaboration tool into the Appian Case Management solution. With Apryse WebViewer’s collaborative document editing capabilities, users can edit and annotate documents of all types (Word docs, Google Docs, Excel files, PDF files, etc.) within the solution in real time, ensuring that stakeholders always view the most up-to-date versions in a single, centralized location.

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