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Appian 23.2 – 5 Portal Updates to Know About

Rachel Nizinski, Appian
May 31, 2023

Deliver an Optimized Total Experience with These Five Appian Portals Updates in Appian 23.2.

A great experience isn’t just about quality products and services or fast response rates. Users today expect all of that and more. They want easy, on-demand access to information and services from any device at any time. And they expect transitions across devices, locations, and processes to be seamless.

Disconnected processes create frustrating user experiences. Employees have to track down data and do more manual work, and customers have to wait due to slower service. Think about a patient who’s submitted health information through an online portal before a doctor’s appointment. When they get to the office, they’re handed a paper form requesting the same information. And then the doctor asks them to repeat the same information during their visit. When they want to review notes from the visit on their phone after they’ve left, they find the information missing. This experience is full of inefficiencies caused by disconnected data and manual processes, and it probably created a lot of extra work for employees and frustration for the patient.

That’s why a total experience approach has quickly become the baseline for companies looking to provide the best for their customers, partners, and employees. When you design with an “any audience” mindset, you can avoid disconnect by building experiences that link user actions with processes across any device or touchpoint.

Appian Portals brings customers and employees together in the same end-to-end processes. The latest updates to Appian Portals offer greater flexibility, more customization, and easier portal development, so you can provide an optimal experience for your customers, developers, business users, and everyone in between.

1. Design the ideal self-service workflow with more pages.

This release delivers on a top request: more pages. You can now add up to 10 pages to your sites and portals, increasing your flexibility to provide the best experience for your users.

On the developer side, we’ve made it effortless to make sure that pages will fit comfortably in the header bar, regardless of how many pages you have or your screen size. For browsers where page titles can’t fit comfortably in the header bar, titles are automatically moved to an easily recognizable menu. On Appian Mobile, we use the device's default behavior for viewing extra tabs.

We’ve also simplified and streamlined the UI for pages and branding configuration, to provide a more efficient design experience.

2. Deliver trusted experiences with customized portal domains.

Brand consistency is a key way to build trust with your audience, especially during online interactions. With Appian 23.2, we’ve added the ability to use custom domains for your portals, so they can match your existing web addresses and create a more trusted and cohesive user experience.

3. Surface helpful data to your customers.

Appian 23.2 makes it even easier for you to create stunning data visualizations in your portals, to provide customers quick access to the information they need for self-service use cases.

In Appian 23.2, you can use records as a source for charts, card choices, or read-only grids in your portals. And when you use records to power read-only grids, your customers will be able to export, filter, and search for information. This is an especially helpful feature if you’re displaying public data for regulatory purposes, like information about grant awards or mergers and acquisitions.

4. Build portals for healthcare use cases.

Portals are now included under the Appian Platform HITRUST certification. This means you can use them to capture protected health information, with the peace of mind that comes from the industry-standard certification for HIPAA compliance.

5. Design, publish, and troubleshoot portals faster.

Delivering on a total experience means focusing on ways to make your workflows and processes run more smoothly for all users. That’s why 23.2 provides updates that make it faster and easier to design, improve, and publish portals.

  • Quickly identify potential publishing issues before there’s a problem with expanded design guidance that provides an alert when using an incompatible function.

  • Speed up portal development with faster portal republishing times, now in less than one minute. 

  • Quickly troubleshoot portals with two new error logs that show where and why users are seeing errors in your portals as well as a performance breakdown for every portal interface.

Check out all of the latest Appian 23.2 updates in the release notes or watch the 23.2 Product Announcement Webinar.