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Appian 23.2 Brings AI to Processes and Improves Total Experience.

Rachel Nizinski, Appian
May 30, 2023

In 2023, AI is everywhere, and not a day goes by without someone developing a new way to use tools like ChatGPT. With the increasing hype about the promise of AI, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise and focus on how AI can help you deliver real business value. 

Modern process automation platforms go above and beyond the capabilities of AI alone. They support your business at every stage in a workflow, enabling you to build lasting business value and deliver continuous process improvement.

Appian 23.2 unleashes the power of low-code for private AI.

The promise of AI is incredible: increased productivity, faster output, smarter services, and better experiences. As organizations everywhere start adding AI to their workflows, we’re learning a lot about the challenges of integrating AI in day-to-day business processes—and the limitations of what can be delivered securely at scale.

That’s why Appian is focused on delivering a platform for end-to-end process automation. By supporting a process from data to execution to improvement, Appian provides impactful process change that can actually deliver on the promise of automation and AI.

Our latest release enhances these capabilities with the debut of the Appian AI Skill Designer—a low-code way to infuse private AI into your processes. The feature allows you to train your own AI models on your private data within the Appian Platform.

Here’s a quick look at the AI Skills available in the Appian 23.2 release:

Email classification.

Route emails to the right person faster with a model that classifies emails specifically for your business.

Document classification.

Classify and route documents to the right workflows with a model trained by your data.

Document extraction

Automatically extract important text from structured documents with a new guided low-code experience.

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Build a powerful total experience with updates to sites and portals.

A total experience provides more than seamless engagement for your customers, constituents, and employees. It lays the foundation of these relationships in the self-service, digital-first era.

Appian 23.2 continues to build on our total experience capabilities, with updates to sites, portals, and interfaces that make it easy for you to deliver superior user experiences without extra work.

More pages on sites and portals.

In this release, we’re delivering on a top request: more pages. You can now add up to 10 pages to a site or portal, giving you the flexibility you need to provide the best experience for your users. For browsers where page titles can’t fit comfortably in the header bar, titles are automatically moved to an easily recognizable menu. And on Appian Mobile, we use the device's default behavior for viewing extra tabs.

Custom portal domains.

We continue to provide new ways to personalize your portal’s user experience. With this release, you can now use a custom domain for your portals that matches your existing web addresses, creating a more cohesive user experience and better brand alignment.

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Unlock more record power in your portals.

In 23.2, we've made it even easier for you to create stunning data visualizations in your portals with records. You can now use records as a source for charts, card choices, or read-only grids that allow users to export, filter, and search.

See the full picture of how your enterprise operates with data fabric enhancements.

Data is at the heart of your enterprise. And the more you know about your data, the easier it is to make data-driven decisions. Appian’s data fabric unifies data from multiple systems to enable secure and easy access to enterprise data while delivering a 360-degree view of your organization. 

In 23.2, we’ve added features that make managing records faster and easier with trackable event actions, simplified security, and improved navigation. 

Generate record events.

Record events allow you to track who takes action on your records and when. You can even track events across processes and see event histories for records in a digestible summary view, giving you a complete picture of how your enterprise operates.

Simplified record action security.

Appian makes it easy to secure your enterprise data with codeless record-level and record-view security. This release, we’ve introduced codeless record-action security that allows you to use familiar low-code security rules to determine who can see your actions and when.

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Extend automation abilities with new RPA modules.

In 23.2, you can more easily handle Microsoft Excel files with new low-code Excel modules for Appian RPA. In addition to the existing Excel capabilities, you can now use Appian RPA to read from, write to, and manipulate your Excel files—including customized formatting.

And, we’ve made it easier to extract information with the ability to retrieve data from HTML formatted tables, even when they span multiple pages. This information can then be used in Appian or written into other applications like Excel.

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Build interfaces more easily with low-code updates.

In 23.2, we continue to deliver updates that make building apps with low-code faster and easier.

Streamlined configuration of interface inputs.

This release, we’re making input configuration even easier. When you drag and drop any design library interface, the improved inputs dialog now automatically maps inputs and local variables to speed up configuration.

Improved Design Mode.

Local variables give your interfaces power and flexibility. Now, you can quickly and easily create and rename local variables directly from Design Mode. And you’ll notice it’s now faster to edit your interfaces and see those changes in real time.

Work with icons more easily.


It’s now easier than ever to use icons. The new View Icons button in the Expression Editor allows you to browse and select the icon you want without breaking your design flow. You can also now change the position of icons in buttons for more control over look and feel. And, starting this release, icons in rich text fields, stamps, gauges, buttons, section layouts, and card choices will automatically be treated as decorative so they can be skipped by screen readers.

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To get all the details about the Appian 23.2 release, check out our release notes and watch the on-demand product announcement webinar.