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Roundtable on the Growing Role of Low Code in Financial Services

Jay Cherrie, Industry Lead, Financial Services
April 20, 2021

Last month, a group of about a dozen IT professionals from the world of financial services gathered (virtually, of course) to discuss the benefits and considerations of adopting a low code capability.  They are on the front lines at firms who must build enterprise applications as quickly as possible to stay competitive in today’s world. The traditional build vs. buy conundrum takes on new meaning as companies also must create these applications efficiently and at low cost. Low code capability is the obvious answer and is being widely adopted.  The question on the table for the group: how do you best manage development, keep up with the demands of the business—and do so at a low cost of ownership?

The executives from different companies in financial services brought perspectives on how speed is a key capability needed to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the regulatory landscape, the new risks presented by remote work (both client and banker) and the need for thoughtful governance for tools that empower business users to a greater and greater degree.  And learning all these new ‘dance steps’ does not reduce the need to maintain safety and security for the financial information and transaction integrity demanded by customers and regulators alike.  Finally, there is a cultural shift, both in business and IT, needed in order to make the most of the investment in low code.

You are invited to download this whitepaper to read more about the event and what was discussed during the session sponsored by Appian and  hosted by IDG and CIO magazine.