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Meet Our Platinum Sponsors at Appian World 2021

Staff, Appian
April 15, 2021

The countdown to Appian World 2021 is on - we look forward to seeing you in 25 days for the premier low-code automation event of the year. 

This year, you can connect with our sponsors in a variety of ways - check out their sponsor pages in the Solution Showcase, tune in for their Sponsor Spotlight Sessions, learn and network live during the sponsor Office Hours, or set up a live one-to-one chat! 

Check out what our Platinum Sponsors - Coforge, Ignyte, Princeton Blue, and Zimpatica - have in store for you at Appian World 2021! 

At Coforge, we believe we’ve solved your Content Extraction and Content Generation in 4 steps:

  1. Extracting Tables: We have ensured that our ‘Smart Extraction’ is ready to go for tables from day one.
  2. Attended and Unattended Options: We have two options; ‘Unattended’, which runs like your standard content extraction and ‘Attended’ where users are looking at the document, but fields are pre-mapped and highlighted.
  3. Generate Rich Content: With Headless CMS offering, you can turn structured data into publishable content.
  4. Scheduled Updates and Automation: Combine headless CMS with Appian for one-click Regulatory filings.

Every application has a goal to accomplish, from onboarding a new customer to managing a rollout of a new product. Along those journey’s you’ll find yourself looking at both Extraction and Generation. With fully integrated Smart Document Processing, you won’t have to choose! Download our brochure for more information.

It has been an exciting year for Ignyte since the last Appian World. This year, we are honored to help our valued client Nasdaq share its journey to realize the full potential of low-code and demonstrate the exciting Appian solutions Ignyte has helped them implement. 

Visit our sponsor page to learn more about our award-winning Mental Health solution, as well as other exciting solutions including Patient Engagement, Occupational Health, and more. 

Our competitive juices are also flowing as we hope to build on our success from last year’s Federal Partner Cup Hackathon at AppianGOVERNMENT. We are proud to cheer on our very own Rockstar, Ms. Megan Markert, one of 5 participants worldwide going for the win in the Appian World Live Build Challenge!

Ignyte, a premier Appian partner since 2017, focuses on delivering amazing user experience and addressing the most complex digital transformation challenges for commercial and government clients.

Princeton Blue has been a trusted Appian Partner for over 12 years. During this time, we have delivered 271 Appian projects, and 55 Appian projects were delivered in 2020 alone. That’s more than one Appian Project every week! 

At Appian World 2021, we invite you to attend our Spotlight Session and hear from one of our strategic pharmaceutical customers, Merck, on “Synthesizing a Complex Ecosystem in Clinical Data Management”. You will learn how Merck leveraged Appian and Princeton Blue in Clinical Operations to manage changes in regulatory standards, platforms, and protocols, and to streamline the workflow and collaboration across various organizations, roles, and governance forums.

Visit the Princeton Blue sponsor page to explore our newest Life Sciences solution for Laboratory Modernization. Also check out our solutions for Drug Safety, Labeling, and Clinical Operations.

We invite you to leverage our Innovation Lab and build your own Proof of Concept to test out your ideas. Let’s brainstorm on how the Appian Low-code Automation Platform can help you build a fully-integrated enterprise application in weeks.

Zimpatica returns to Appian World for the 5th year as a participant and the 2nd year as a sponsor. This year, we’re presenting alongside customers Phil Merrell from ARJ Infusion Services and John Stretton from EDP Renewables.

Zimpatica is a premier Appian Implementation and Reseller Partner wholly focused on consistent delivery of transformative Appian projects. Our developers are highly experienced with 90% certified at A-Score Level 2 or above, and 40% at A-Score Level 3. 

Zimpatica’s resources are ambassadors of Agile software development, thorough project discovery, and automated testing techniques. These principles have led us to reliable and repeatable successes for clients across financial services, insurance, healthcare, and energy sectors.