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Intelligent Document Processing for Innovation in Life Sciences Regulations

Evi Cohen, Vice President, Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian
August 13, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many life sciences organizations are seeking efficiency and control over the regulatory process more than ever before. There is an increased urgency for speed, accuracy, and simplified processes in the Regulatory Information Management (RIM) space, and to prioritize projects that will quickly deliver the most patient value.

Intelligent Document Processing for Regulatory Information Management

Appian Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can ease the burden and stress of regulatory management by reducing manual effort and the potential for human error. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence on Appian's low-code automation platform they take the information you need, and automatically file it where it's needed as soon as it's in the system. This means real-time updating for regulations as they evolve and ensuring compliance isn't what's holding your product development back.

With Appian organizations have the flexibility to implement a fit for purpose RIM solution that will rapidly provide visibility and awareness across product development life cycles. Also, with IDP, the risk of redundant data is reduced and even exception handling can be routed through machine learning.

To learn more about Appian IDP, visit our website, and reach out to me for a demo today.