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Automating Healthcare Data to Improve Patient Outcomes

Fritz Haimberger
July 30, 2020

Healthcare organizations like yours are riddled with mountains of data and document streams coming in each day. Whether it's patient records, claims, denials, remits, or clinician credentials... the list goes on.

All these items can quickly create chaos and confusion without proper organization protocols in place to handle this data deluge. When employees are tasked with manually handling inbound document management, there is the potential for a wide array of complications, including:

    • Unnecessary data silos

    • Lag-time in document reporting and availability

    • Data security and privacy vulnerability

    • High susceptibility to input errors

    • Costly human labor

Intelligent Document Processing for Inbound Document Management

Appian Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) overcomes these challenges by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to take documents and accurately extract data without the need for manual effort or custom code. Using Appian's low-code automation platform they take the information you need, and automatically file it where it's needed as soon as it's in the system. This means real-time access to information for improved patient care and customer satisfaction.

With IDP for Inbound Documents in Healthcare, human error is reduced and those employees can spend their time on more meaningful tasks, while even exception handling is routed through machine learning.

IDP is quick to stand up and can be done in under a day, as it requires just 20 documents to train the model and begin working in tandem with the systems you have in place now. So even during trying times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing IDP isn't a taxing or time-intensive task. Rather, it will end up giving your organization more manpower to serve those who need you the most right now -- your patients.

You can read more about Appian IDP here, and feel free to reach out to me for a live demo today

Fritz Haimberger

Vice President, Global Industry Lead - Healthcare Provider