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Appian's Flexible New Teaching Strategy: A Virtual Coach for Busy Learners

Matt Berry, Manager, Training Development
June 16, 2020

At Appian, we've built a training program for getting new developers up to speed and productive within a few short weeks. While we'd love for everyone to spend the time in our classroom sessions, we know our students have demanding schedules that don't always allow for it. That's why Appian established Academy Online.

However, fully online learning isn't for everyone. Many students enjoy the flexibility of online learning, but miss interacting with and getting feedback from instructors and collaborating with classmates. That's where Virtual Coaching comes in.

Announcing Virtual Coaching Sessions

Starting this month, Appian launches Virtual Coaching, a new format that combines the benefits of online learning with classroom training. These interactive sessions give busy professionals the flexibility to learn at their convenience, collaborate with classmates, interact with an instructor, and get all-important feedback on their performance.

So how does it work? Each virtual coaching session includes a variety of online learning lessons with videos, reading, and exercises that each student completes on their own or collaboratively. Appian instructors then conduct live learning sessions throughout the course to enhance the experience with examples, Q&A sessions, demonstrations, and expert interviews.

"The content is very relevant and valuable to any Appian Consultant. I like how the course covered the more intermediate/advanced aspects of Appian such as Architecture, System Logs, Integration, etc that we may have had a brief introduction or experience with, but not a heavy understanding of the system as a whole. Which is why I really appreciated that each topic covered had links to either Documentation or Knowledge Base to get in-depth, everything you should know and more, information about the topic."

- Haley Finegan

Advanced Developer

The first course Appian is offering in the new Virtual Coaching format is our Advanced Developer curriculum.This course expands the knowledge of novice and intermediate practitioners with lessons about scalability, good data design, and managing application life cycles at enterprise levels.

The material in this course is vitally important for the growth of Appian developers. But it's often difficult for developers to get time away from projects to attend training. That's where Virtual Coach comes in. The new program is perfectly suited for developers looking to up their game.

"The live interaction with the instructor benefited me a lot more, especially if I had questions throughout the course. I also enjoyed having classmates, where we could feed off of each other's opinions and thoughts. "

- Kristina Mosqueda

We provide the same training to our own consultants as they go off and begin working on projects. And while all of our customers and partners have been able to leverage training in the past, they can now do it in a way that works best for them.

What about price? Appian's Virtual Coach program costs much less than our classroom offerings. How low? Well, you'll have to contact your account executive to find out.

Build Your Team

Appian offers the new Virtual Coach program alongside our other classroom and online learning programs. Enroll in upcoming sessions today by going through Appian Academy or talking to your account executive.

Stay tuned as we roll out even more courses in the future.

Learn more and enroll in Virtual Coaching!