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Appian offers a free app to fight COVID-19

Matt Calkins
March 19, 2020

Appian is offering a free application to fight COVID-19.

In the 21 years I've run Appian, I've wanted to build a community as much as I've wanted to build a business. I believe workplaces can be more than a job and a paycheck. In challenging times, a business can use its strength on behalf of others.

I've seen this happening at Appian during the current health crisis. Scores of employees have volunteered their assistance to colleagues in need. While some of us are ill, caring for others, or watching our children; others are willing to help delivering groceries, offering a ride, assisting at home, etc.

To coordinate this generosity, and to keep us healthy, we created an application. The "COVID-19 Response Management" application establishes a central command center to safeguard the health and safety of employees and facilitates the matching of volunteers with people who need help.

It collects health information from all employees, storing it in a HIPAA-compliant cloud designed to protect sensitive information. The app tracks health status, location, travel history and any COVID-19 incident details. Employers can see the health and work status of all employees, by geography and department. The more an organization knows about the health of its employees the more it can do to protect others.

We're giving this application for free to any enterprise or government agency. True to Appian's commitment to speed, the COVID-19 Response Management application can be requested, provisioned, and in-use in about 2 hours. It's not necessary to be an Appian customer or to have Appian expertise. You can call our hotline and we'll walk you through the entire process: from configuring your custom version of the application, to populating it with data, to launching it.

You can learn more about the application, and request access, at We hope it helps mitigate the effects of coronavirus in your organization and your community.

I have three goals for Appian in the present crisis: I want us to be safe, productive, and always a community. In releasing this application and the support structure to deploy it, we're hoping to achieve these goals for other organizations as well.

Matt Calkins