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20.3 Release Highlights: Intelligent Document Processing

Appian Contributor
September 28, 2020

Editor's note: In last week's post, we looked into synced records. In this post, we'll look at a set of features for Intelligent Document Processing. Stay tuned for improvements to DevOps capabilities and UI improvements.

In 20.1, Appian introduced Intelligent Document Processing or IDP. IDP lets Appian users leverage artificial intelligence to transform unstructured data from their business documents into structured data.

Many business documents such as invoices, POs, loan applications, insurance claims, etc., include forms and/or check boxes. To support such use cases 20.3 now includes the ability to recognize and extract table and checkbox data from documents. When this extraction needs a human worker to validate it, IDP's UI has also been updated for easy reconciliation of tabular or checkbox data.

Most intelligent OCR solutions in the market today require expensive setup that requires a template to be created for each document type. Even many IDP solutions required training of groups and/or AI model creation by a data scientist.

Appian IDP includes pre-trained model developing using the latest AI-techniques that eliminate template setup or training for document extraction. Appian AI also outperforms many solutions in handwriting extraction.

We have also added the capability to extract data from form-based pdfs. Appian flags these types of documents and performs all of the necessary extraction and data mapping internally, saving you AI resources.

Finally, extraction accuracy and predictions will improve in IDP moving forward. Starting with this release, Appian will also include x and y positional information about the location of fields. The power is free once you upgrade to 20.3.

It's our commitment to providing you with best-in-class intelligent automation features and capabilities. Be sure to stick around to see what new features we'll release next quarter.

If you want to try these IDP features, or any other feature from 20.3, register for a free trial today.