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Streamline End-to-End Processes to Deliver Patient Value

Victoria Ebel, Appian
February 26, 2019

The life sciences industry contains many complex and disjointed processes across the product lifecycle. This creates many opportunities for confusion, inefficiencies and bottlenecks, hindering value to patients and accruing costs along the way. To establish an efficient product lifecycle, from development to patient and beyond, end-to-end processes must be connected and automated.

Appian's low-code, intelligent automation platform can streamline the entire product lifecycle, helping increase patient value. Users can customize the platform to fit their process needs, and can integrate with previously established systems to create a seamless journey, and capitalize upon their current investments.

Innovate key processes, such as:

Labeling and Material Management

The labeling process is ongoing throughout the entire product lifecycle. It requires specialist input and careful coordination across organizations and must meet diverse and shifting regulatory requirements for global markets.

Appian provides a more comprehensive end-to-end review and management of the labeling process. The platform unifies safety findings, health authority citations, manufacturing changes, and research and development findings and integrates them into the product labeling process.

Product Release Management

To release a product into market, the artwork, labeling, and quality information must be controlled according to a country's ranging requirements and regulatory framework. The process of product release is typically supported by several disjointed systems involving a lot of manual effort.

Appian can organize the different sources of product information into an end-to-end release process, eliminating manual work and mistakes, and ultimately increasing safety and efficiency.

Healthcare Provider Engagement

Engaging with healthcare providers is essential for gathering feedback that can help improve strategy and daily business, address common issues, and develop long-term relationships. However, it is difficult to access end-to-end visibility into the process across functional areas and jurisdictions in the market.

Appian can thread multiple point solutions together across numerous jurisdictions and provide the transparency and controls needed to achieve compliance in the face of stringent engagement regulations.

Consumer and Patient Support and Managed Care

In order to address the different needs of various consumer groups from different information channels, customer service representatives have to access various systems and need to provide information in accordance with regulations. Historically, this is a very manual process that requires training, documentation, and audits.

Appian's Intelligent Contact Center Application enables customer service agents to interact with customers using omnichannel capabilities while leveraging Dynamic Case Management and Intelligent Automation to deliver an improved consumer experience. ICC makes it easy for organizations to build contact center applications that increase agent efficiency, maintain compliance, and deliver business impact.

Learn more about Appian for Life Sciences

These are just a few areas in which Appian is actively improving the product lifecycle to help organizations deliver patient value. To see more of the work Appian is doing for life sciences, visit our resource center.