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Sprint: Accelerating Innovation with Low-Code

Jenna Harvey, Global Manager, Emerging Industries
June 10, 2019

When 54.5 million people depend on your technology for lightning-fast, always-available connectivity, you need to partner with an innovation leader: Appian.

As the first national carrier to test, launch, and market 4G technology, Sprint has high expectations for the debut of its 5G cellular network technology. With the blistering pace of digital transformation, it's more important than ever to keep up with rising consumer expectations, but fragmented legacy systems and siloed data were holding Sprint back.

To drive efficiency and compliance, Sprint needed a better way to streamline operations and unify processes and data across the enterprise.

"We have a true need for process automation. We use the low-code platform to enable that, and do it a lot faster than if we tried to use traditional development methods."

- Kathy Eichholz, Sprint director of IT -Light Reading.

Sprint speeds innovation with Appian

Enter Appian's low-code application development platform. Sprint used the platform to deploy applications used by over 10,000 users across operations, the supply chain, and in the field. In just four years, they have rolled out 22 applications, including large applications with over 5,000 complex processes.

A subset of the applications deployed using Appian low-code include:

High-quality service delivered

All of which has added up to faster processes, better customer service and 40% cost savings in IT spend. Additionally, Sprint's low-code approach has better positioned the company to take advantage of artificial intelligence and interactive voice response technology for even more personalized customer interactions.

In an industry with profit margins averaging between just 1% and 2%, the telecom companies that will stand out from the crowd will do a better job of embracing emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and low-code development to create new revenue streams, happier customers, and long-term customer value.

For an inside look at how digital transformation is improving business outcomes in the telecom industry, check out the interview with Sprint's CIO, Scott Rice, in Business Chief magazine.

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