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Shift Your Business into High Gear in 2019 with These Apps

Katherine Clubb, Bits in Glass
February 11, 2019

Is your New Year's resolution to get started with low-code? Bits in Glass has you covered. Their Appian Accelerators, featured on Appian's AppMarket, are unique, pre-built applications that can be set up, customized and launched in a matter of weeks. These applications can shift your business into high gear while leveraging technology to make workflow more efficient, effective and future proof.

From clinical trials to property move-in/move-out, check out a walkthrough of each of BIG's 7 applications below.

Clinical Trials Intake Application

BIG's Clinical Trials Intake (CTI) application is a complete framework that coordinates the various intake, regulatory, legal and feasibility considerations of a clinical trial into a simple tracking system.

View the demo with BIG Expert Jin Pheh here.

Utilization Review Application

Utilization Review application simplifies Healthcare Payers' process for receiving referral requests from members and providers that are seeking authorization for medical services outside of the scope of what is provided by their Primary Care Provider. It standardizes the process of documenting the request for services and leverages configurable business logic to determine medical necessity based on the information provided in the request, and designate the appropriate outcome. This ensures that clinical resources are reviewing the right requests in a timely manner.

Watch the overview webinar with BIG Expert, Jon Delulis here.

Home Health Manager Application

The Home Health Manager application provides real-time schedule management and home health visit management capabilities. The application is easily configurable and can be expanded to accommodate patient and care team scheduling along with any home health services provided to your patients. It provides the transparency and traceability necessary for supporting high-quality care for home health patients.

View the demo with BIG Expert John Ponton here.

Manage My Care Application

Patients are demanding more transparency and control of their patient information and increasingly want to be able to access this information directly. The Manage My Care application by Bits In Glass leverages emerging norms around self-service that enhance user experience and enable better communication between patients and care providers.

Patients and care teams have better insight into key data and events with instant reminders, event notifications, and alerts that support a proactive approach to requesting information from patients as needed, while simultaneously flagging incidents and key data points for care providers to review and respond to as needed.

View the demo with BIG Expert Jin Pheh here.

Move In Move Out Application

Property management organizations are challenged with effectively managing the critical move in and move processes. The Move In Move Out system provides an easy-to-use application that provides operational oversight and control while keeping the focus on quickly and accurately completing onboarding and offboarding for tenants.

View the demo with BIG Expert Albert Nguyen here.

Docusign Utility

DocuSign utility brings DocuSign's industry-leading functionality into any application built on the Appian Platform. The utility provides a re-usable integration that speeds development time by giving Appian Designers plug and play functionality, enabling them to quickly and easily integrate DocuSign into applications.

View the demo with BIG Expert John Ponton here.

CMIS Explorer Utility

With the CMIS Explorer, you can seamlessly work with your external repository within Appian itself. No longer do your users have to balance files and tasks between two or more systems. Users can perform multiple different actions on files and folders.

View the demo with BIG expert here.

Interested in learning more, or ready to hit the ground running? Visit Bits in Glass here.

Katherine Clubb

Marketing Coordinator, Bits in Glass