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Operational Excellence is Key to Life Sciences in 2019

Evi Cohen, Vice President, Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian
January 23, 2019

In their recent report, Gartner analyzes and describes the goals and challenges life sciences CIOs will be facing in 2019. The report outlines many key areas in which life sciences executives are investing to ultimately reduce costs, improve efficiency, and bring more value to patients.

All of the initiatives discussed show an underlying shift toward a more inwardly focused priority of operational excellence in the industry. This shift is being caused by many factors, including:

    • Higher emphasis on cycle times and internal process improvement

    • Continued pressure to bring down drug prices in the market

    • The increasing challenge of finding new products

    • The idea that operations need to be more efficient in the face of these pressures

Gartner's take on operational excellence

Gartner sees the goal of operational excellence as one that requires digital initiatives to properly execute. To ensure that your organization is operating with the highest possible accuracy, agility, and compliance, the influence of a streamlined and automated platform is required.

"Top-performing organizations prioritize digital first, understanding that successfully navigating the transition to digital systems and processes will, in turn, enable more-efficient business process, achieving the goal of operational excellence."


Appian offers a platform that is both powerful and fast in order to help life sciences organizations achieve the goals Gartner outlines in this report. Our low-code development platform allows you to build applications quickly and our capabilities such as intelligent automation, integration, and data gathering and unification ensure that your applications can handle even the most complex processes with ease. Appian's ability to streamline end-to-end processes helps organizations bring value to patients faster than ever before.

Learn more at DIA Europe

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While you're there, stop by our speaking session on February 5th at 3:30pm (Clinical Development and PV hub), where Ian Pemberton, Senior Director Global Regulatory and Start Up at IQVIA, and I will discuss how Appian helped IQVIA achieve well-executed and efficient processes in the clinical trial space.

Can't make it to DIA Europe? Learn more about what Appian can do for your organization at our life sciences resource center.


Evi Cohen

Vice President of Global Life Sciences & Healthcare