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Onboard Clinicians—and Provide High-Quality Care—Faster, With a Low-Code Platform

Cate McConnell
November 8, 2019

Healthcare payers and providers are constantly looking for ways to onboard their best incoming talent in a quick and efficient way. When adding new care team members, the process of vetting, licensing, and credentialing these clinicians can be cumbersome and time-intensive. This complexity is often augmented by manual, redundant tasks, as well as siloed technology stacks and business functions.

How can payers and providers streamline onboarding and credentialing, improve visibility, and maintain accurate data? With Appian's low-code application platform.

Faster Processes, Same Diligence

Although time-consuming and labor-intensive, onboarding and credentialing remain crucial process that lower payer, member and provider risk while facilitating equitable access to quality care. Appian offers payers and providers a way to streamline these complex workflows while remaining thorough and compliant.

Thanks to capabilities like robotic process automation, the manual tasks involved in credentialing, validation, verification, and data upkeep may no longer burden payers and providers. When these tasks are streamlined using a unified system like Appian, physician relations and human resources teams experience increased efficiency and visibility, further accelerating this historically-lengthy process.

Further, automation supports standardized practices, improved communication with new hires, and adherence to hiring regulations.

The Ins and Outs of Onboarding: Learn More

Check out how Appian can help you simplify onboarding in this webinar hosted by Healthcare Executive Group, The Doctor Can't See You Now: New Ways to Speed Up and Improve Provider Onboarding. Appian global industry healthcare leaders Fritz Haimberger and myself share our insights into onboarding challenges and how to dramatically improve the process, along with our partners Luxoft and Bits In Glass.

Cate McConnell,

Global Industry Leader, Healthcare Payer