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Moving Toward Better Design with Appian 19.3

Appian Contributor
August 23, 2019

Now that Appian relocated its headquarters in Tysons, Virginia, all departments are under one roof. It's exciting, and frankly, it makes life a lot easier. In a lot of ways, it also echoes the features we released in 19.3 as we begin to move into a more innovative, easy-to-use platform.

Take, for instance, our automatic location capture for tasks on mobile devices. This feature simplifies the design pattern of calculating a user location into a single checkbox. Once enabled, users don't need to do a thing; the system will capture their location automatically.

There's even more free power under one roof with the addition of Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint Connected Systems. Low-code developers can connect to these two popular services in minutes and work with Dynamics entities or SharePoint documents and folders. With seamless integration capabilities, you don't have to repeat any tasks or switch between multiple systems.

In addition to these great features, we're also excited to release in 19.3:

    • A new gauge component

    • Improved column and rich text sizes

    • Several Appian Records features like related actions opening faster in dialog windows

    • File uploads for Web APIs

    • SAML group synchronization on sign-on

    • And much more

Learn about these and other features in the 19.3 Product Announcement Webinar, hosted by VP of Product Malcolm Ross.