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Modernizing Government Technology with a Low-Code Platform

Scott Dulman
July 23, 2019

Federal Digital Transformation: 5 Essential Technologies

Federal executives are eager to innovate, reduce technical debt, and improve their mission programs. But the federal government spends more than 75% of its IT budget on legacy system operations and maintenance (O&M), according to the GAO and OMB. How can government technology leaders build a digital platform that aligns legacy solutions with emerging capabilities?

The Modernizing Government Technology with a Low-Code Platform white paper describes how government agencies can gradually decouple their ERP and core systems while migrating mission-critical functionality and data on a sustainable schedule. Discover how four federal agencies implemented enterprise low-code mission applications that address their specific requirements and integrate with legacy systems with these five technologies:

    • Enterprise Low-Code Platform

    • Intelligent Automation

    • Agile Development

    • DevOps

    • Cloud Infrastructure and Security Services

Government Low-Code Digital Platform

A proven approach to successful digital transformation is introducing innovative technologies like an enterprise low-code platform, intelligent automation, DevOps, and Agile to build new systems that execute on top of legacy ERP systems. This approach allows IT to be more responsive to rapidly changing requirements and reduce technical debt while accelerating application delivery, new services, and cost savings.

Allowing legacy systems to run in parallel with new platforms as modernization initiatives roll-out reduces technical debt. Today enterprise low-code platforms enable IT executives to more effectively align with their agency's program and functional executives and adopt a culture ofinnovation for successful transformation efforts. With Appian, organizations can quickly deploy applications that address their specific requirements and integrate with their legacy systems.

Low-code development gives IT the power to accelerate modernization and digital transformation projects. Agencies are adopting low-code development platforms to enable a broad range of developers to rapidly build and deploy web and mobile apps without the need for time-consuming coding. Appian's visualization tools further facilitate collaboration across IT, program, and agency staff.

Government Low-Code Digital Platform

Legacy System Modernization Imperative

Dependence on legacy platforms and systems limits federal agencies from improving core functions and important programs. Federal executives shared their concerns in a 2018 study of IT decision-makers by Accenture Federal Services. A total of 83% of the executives reported that technical debt severely limits their ability to be innovative, and 79% reported that technical debt inhibits their responsiveness to change.

A new approach to IT and business line collaboration and application development that reduces the learning curve across the organization is needed. Agencies must be able to upgrade and modernize their technologies and skill sets to resolve these issues and meet changing mission requirements. Learning new technologies, finding ways to evolve, and reducing organizational resistance to change will remove modernization and digital transformation roadblocks.

Starting Your Technology Modernization Journey

The Appian platform enables CIOs to leverage current IT investments and extend the capabilities of their legacy systems. Customers can deploy Appian on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment that includes a FedRAMP Authorized Managed Cloud (up to Cloud Security Information Impact Level II and IV), and the ability to run in MilCloud, AWS GovCloud, and Microsoft Azure. Develop secure cloud applications that meet your agency's needs rather than relying on costly, heavily customized packaged applications.

Agencies trust Appian's enterprise low-code platform for their most complex mission systems.Download the Modernizing Government Technology with a Low-Code Platformwhite paper to learn how your organization can accelerate digital transformation with enterprise low-code development and intelligent automation.