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Massively Scale Your Enterprise Automation Initiative

Shiv Raghavendra
June 17, 2019

Gartner predicts that by 2020, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market will top $1 billion and 40% of large companies will have adopted RPA, up from less than 10% today.

But there's a challenge: Managing the explosion of digital labor has proved harder than many organizations expected. It is a mammoth task for the automation COE leaders to control, manage, and continue this rapid growth of robots. Although a report by Forrester predicts that 4 million robots will be deployed by 2021, today only 3% of organizations have managed to scale RPA to 50 or more bots. So says a study by Deloitte.

The scope of automated tasks presents an additional challenge. According to McKinsey, 50% of current workforce activities could be automated, but only 10% of those jobs can be automated beyond 90%. In other words, human involvement plays a key role in many processes and is often essential.

50% of current workforce activities could be automated, but only 10% of those jobs can be automated beyond 90%.

If organizations find ways to overcome these obstacles, the enterprise automation initiatives could be massively scaled. That's where Appian's Robotic Workforce Manager comes in.

Appian's Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM)

RWM's framework helps COE leaders more easily manage the lifecycle of automation projects. Now, they have the flexibility and scalability to keep up with today's explosive growth. RWM aligns robotic processes with people, expanding the scope of what COE leaders can automate and how much they can automate (i.e. end-to-end automation).

RWM features three components: Control Center, Deployment Manager, and Global Exception Handler/Case Manager.

Appian's Robotic Workforce Manager

The Control Center provides greater visibility and self-service over digital workers. It provides data-driven, operational insight into the digital workforce operations and greater self-service for business users. Additionally, RWM offers:

    • Reports and dashboards for robot activity monitoring

    • On-demand starting and scheduling of RPA processes from web or mobile devices

    • RPA process logs for better compliance and governance

Appian's Robotic Workforce Manager

The Deployment Manager easily manages the RPA lifecycle. From a business user's automation request to production and delivery, the entire RPA lifecycle is managed with the RWM Deployment Manager. It also gives organizations the power to:

    • Collect and prioritize automation requests across the enterprise

    • Manage and track all RPA activities from request to completion

    • Analyze impact, ROI, and value for RPA processes

Appian's Robotic Workforce Manager

The Global Case and Exception Manager is a one-stop shop that allows you to manage all RPA exceptions and human-in-the-loop activities.

Use it to:

    • Manage all RPA process exceptions in one place

    • Integrate human activities with RPA processes, enabling greater automation

    • Handle process SLAs by escalating or prioritizing tasks programmatically

Appian's Robotic Workforce Manager

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