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Marine Corps Manpower and Recruiting Digital Revolution

Scott Dulman
June 4, 2019

Marine Corps Recruiting Information Support System II (MCRISS II)

The Marine Corps Recruiting Command is responsible for military recruitment of civilians into the Corps. In addition to finding volunteers to join, it is also responsible for preparing them for the United States Marine Corps Recruit Training or Officer Candidates School. The Marine Corps Recruiting Command has approximately 3,000 recruiters operating out of 48 Recruiting Stations, 574 Recruiting Sub-Stations, and 71 Officer Selection Sites.

Marine Corps Systems Command partnered with Marine Corps Recruiting Command to develop the Marine Corps Recruiting Information Support System II (MCRISS II). MCRISS II is a mobile enabled platform that provides recruiters with all the tools they need from the moment they meet an applicant to the time a new Marine leaves boot camp.

The secure cloud application is accessed using any mobile device including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Recruiters can also use the app offline in the field when connections are unreliable. With offline enabled tasks, all the data, context, and files they need to access and complete a task are available from their mobile device so recruiters can complete tasks and access offline information.

The commercial cloud platform has allowed the Marines to deliver new capabilities quickly. A new low-code platform modernizes the tools and technologies available to the Marine Corps and makes the job of recruiters easier. MCRISS II increases recruiters' availability and responsiveness, and helps them more effectively recruit the best candidates.

The Marines expect the entire MCRISS II rollout to take about 12 months. The program releases new capabilities every two to four weeks using innovative methods and technologies that include:

    • Agile

    • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    • Low-Code software

In addition, analytics give the Marine Corps Recruiting Command a better understanding of how to improve the MCRISS program.

DoD Model for Digital Transformation and Modernization

MCRISS II is a model for successful digital transformation in the Department of Defense. The Marines use industry best practices and technologies to quickly and cost-effectively design, develop, and deploy mission critical applications that improve manpower and recruiting.

MCRISS has ambitious plans to introduce innovative new technology. The team will use artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent automation, robotic process automation (RPA), and other technologies to improve recruiting and training. The use of predictive and prescriptive analytics will enable them to more strategically and effectively use program data to select, place, and educate future Marines.

Learn more about Marine Corps Recruiting Information Support System II from the Marine Corps Systems Command.

Watch a MCRISS video to see how the Marines are revolutionizing recruiting with cloud, mobile, and low-code software technologies.