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Low-Code: How to Run a Fast Break on Your Digital Transformation Goals

Roland Alston, Appian
February 1, 2019

Fast break basketball revolutionized the game allowing teams to go from defense to offense faster than ever before.

There's a parallel in Low-code software development, which allows you to go from intention (what you want your software to do) to application 20x faster than writing code.

That means faster time to market, faster time to revenue, and faster responses to competitive threats.

And we're not just talking incremental change. Nope, we're talking revolutionary change.

The kind of blazing speed that's essential when organizations everywhere are under growing pressure to build custom software to separate themselves from the crowd, adapt to fast-moving trends,

and improve the customer experience.It's called digital transformation.

Take the success story of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank. Bendigo one of the largest banks in Australia performed a full digital transformation on Appian. They re-wrote core functions on the Appian Low-code Platform to be more responsive to their customers.In just 18 months, the bank rolled out 25 customer-focused enterprise applications on Appian.

In contrast, many organizations are struggling to keep up with demand for priority applications.

Forrester says that:

    • 74% worry about their inability to deliver applications as quickly as their business needs them.

    • 43% say their legacy systems impede digital transformation success.

On top of that, a staggering 50% of custom applications don't get delivered or fail to meet intentions. And one in three software development cycles get trapped in technical debt, according toIDG.

By the way technical debt is when that application you wrote yesterday lives in the past. And it only runs on yesterday's technology.

So, it's not easily integrated. It doesn't measure up to the latest security standards. And you're constantly patching it for safety.

Appian Low-code is the opposite of that.

But don't be fooled by the name. Appian Low-code is powerful stuff.

It's scalable. It's secure. And you can use it to build the business-critical applications you need to crush your digital transformation goals.

Free Power

Yes, you get free power with Appian.

For example, the applications you build with Appian are automatically upgraded.

They get faster over time. And they evolve to run on future devices that haven't even been invented yet.

Sounds fantastic, right? But it's true.

For starters, you can host your application anywhere with Appian, because it runs on the cloud. You can also leave your data anywhere you want it to reside.

Want to bring your application back on premise? No problem, it's portable too.This is the kind of free power you get with Low-code. And Appian just layers it on.

Worried about reliability? No problem. Appian gives you the confidence of 99.99 service level reliability.

(There's also an optional service level agreement that guarantees 99.95 reliability, with a 15-minute Recovery Time Objective.)

In basketball lingo, Low-code gives you the speed and power to shake and bake competitive threats.

So, imagine this scenario.

You've got a board of directors presentation on your calendar... And, it's coming up fast.

The stakes are high. But you've got a funny feeling that things are about to go sideways.

And then bad newshits the fan.

One of your competitors drops a press release, announcing a killer app aimed at eating into your market share.

You're already under pressureto fast track delivery of that new mobile app on the latest version of your product road map.

And your CEO? She wants delivery BEFORE your board presentation which is just weeks away.

Your credibility is on the line. You need that mobile app, and you need it NOW.

But your IT team is slammed.And that platform you installed 10 years ago? Well, it just can't keep up with demand.

Low-code is the antidote to situations like that.

Still skeptical? Here's something else to consider: It really doesn't matter what protocol your organization is using standards based integrations like HTTP, OAuth, SOAP, or new wave stuff like openAPI or Swagger Appian will reduce the time it takes for you to make that next application.

In fact, Appian guarantees an 8-week delivery period for your first project.

This includes clearly-documented guidelines, full use of Appian standard features, collaborative application design, implementation best practices, and more to ensure successful delivery.

Appian also guarantees that anyone technical can be trained as an Appian developer in just two weeks.

You also get the confidence of theSecurity and compliance that's baked right into the Appian Low-code Platform.

In fact, Appian's security and compliance badges are unsurpassed by any other Low-code vendor in the industry.

We're talkingSOC 2, SOC 3, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP and many, many more.

Super fast app deployments happen all the time with Appian.

The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) is a case in point.They built their first low-code application on Appian in just six weeks.

Then, they went on to build and deploy nine critical risk management applications on Appian in 18 months.

And here's the best part: OCC learned Low-code so well, they can now build an application in a day.

What if you could run that kind of a fast break on your digital transformation goals?

The Appian Low-code Platform is definitely worth a try.