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How to Transform the Contact Center in Life Sciences

Victoria Ebel, Appian
August 23, 2019

Within the highly regulated and competitive life sciences industry, contact centers must meet strict compliance standards while simultaneously providing an efficient and personalized customer experience.

To walk this fine line, customer service agents need access to multiple systems for a full customer view and need to be carefully trained to provide information in accordance with constantly changing regulations. Often this highly manual process results in inefficiencies that trickle down throughout every aspect of life sciences contact centers, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential non-compliance.

Consumer & Patient Support and Managed Care: To maintain product quality and compliance, contact centers must gather and report consumer feedback. They also must provide optimal, accurate, and timely information to patients and healthcare providers. To achieve both, contact centers need a solution that unifies data into a single customer view and streamlines engagement.

Adverse Events Reporting: Because life sciences organizations are required to actively search, report, and investigate all adverse reactions related to their products, contact centers need a solution that can capture and report these events in real time and trigger the next steps in the process.

Compliance and Government Affairs: Contact centers must handle all misconduct reporting confidentially, particularly as they validate claims and examine evidence. To ensure this level of security, they need a solution with heightened compliance standards.

An Innovative Solution for Life Sciences

In a recent webinar, Evi Cohen, Appian's VP of Global Life Sciences and Healthcare, and Todd Marthaler, Appian's Contact Center Industry Leader, discussed these challenges and the type of solution that can help eliminate inefficiencies and reduce risk, bring about innovative engagement, and ensure better outcomes.

The Appian Intelligent Contact Center Advantage

Appian's Intelligent Contact Center can help life sciences organizations comply with strict regulatory standards and streamline the engagement experience, equipping agents with the peace of mind and guidance they need to provide the best possible service. The enhanced capabilities of this analyst-recognized solution holds the potential to completely innovate contact centers throughout life sciences.

Unified Customer View - Bring data together from across your organization to create one actionable customer view

Universal Agents - Use Dynamic Case Management, AI, RPA, and intelligent processes to help agents handle any situation fast

Omni-Channel Engagement - Engage customers on the channels of their choice for seamless customer experiences

To learn more about the Intelligent Contact Center and to see what else Appian can do for organizations in life sciences, visit our resource pages.