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Government Enterprise Low-Code Case Management Success Stories

Scott Dulman
March 20, 2019

Jason Adolf from Appian Public Sector and June Burr from the Vermont Agency of Transportation recently discussed how government agencies are developing innovative low-code case management systems. They showed how agencies can become better performing and continually improving organizations with the right business process management (BPM) technology, methodology, and management. Watch the webinar to see examples of efficiency gains and project returns on investment (ROI) of 50X from leading agencies.

The role of enterprise low-code in the public sector

Jason and June explored case management and BPM topics that federal, defense, state and local government customers have asked us to explain and share best practices.

    • What differentiates a low-code approach to case management

    • How low-code accelerates application delivery

    • The role a business process manager can take to facilitate this approach

    • Public Sector enterprise case management and BPM success stories and ROI

    • How a low-code platform can be leveraged across the enterprise

Jason described how enterprise low-code development tools allow developers to rapidly deploy custom web and mobile apps faster and without the need for time-consuming coding. They also take pressure off IT, by enabling non-technical users to contribute, without coding skills. Agencies can build custom apps that address their specific needs with a low-code platform ñ rather than relying on costly, heavily customized packaged applications. With a drag-and-drop, point-and-click design organizations launch applications fast. These solutions also eliminate silos so that departments can integrate content into a secure, structured case management environment.

BPM success at the Vermont Agency of Transportation

June told the audience that the primary goal for BPM at Vermont Agency of Transportation was to help transform the Agency into a better performing, continually improving organization. BPM is helping to modernize and improve the Agency's mission critical Project Delivery engine core process. Project Delivery includes very large capital investments to deliver essential transportation assets like paving, bridges, roadways, and other construction projects. June described the value and benefits of BPM at the Agency of Transportation. An independent review by an outside consultant estimated that BPM has improved the efficiency of some critical processes by about 50%. BPMS has enabled the Agency to retire and replace legacy, inefficient processes to deliver breakthrough performance improvements.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation's Constituent Case Management application delivers a single view of all relevant case information. It is a BPM driven application platform that allows all data to be stored within the application and easily accessible by the Records feature. Records allows agencies to integrate data from multiple data sources, collect attachments, and store audit history while performing any task. The Case Management app enables staff to collaborate and increase productivity. Specialized case management analytics and intelligent automation improve outcomes and customer service.

Listen to the webinar to learn how innovative government agencies are using Appian to modernize their case management systems, reduce operating costs, and improve service delivery.