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Forrester Study: Low-Code Development Is Ready for Top Enterprise Challenges

Sapana Shah
April 2, 2019

What's standing between large enterprises and big-time digital innovation? We commissioned a Forrester Research survey of 254 IT leaders and business-line decision makers to find out. Nearly three out of four (74 percent) cited the inability to act as quickly as their business requires. Lack of technical skills or knowledge ranked number two at 65 percent.

Low-code development scratches both of these itches. Bringing IT and business leaders together to draw rather than code new apps, low-code development lets you build applications up to 20 times faster and measure the results, performance, and impact.

84% of enterprises have turned toward low-code for its ability to reduce strain on IT resources, increase speed-to-market, and involve the business in digital asset development.

Low-code is the approach of the future

100% of enterprises have received ROI from their low-code adoption.

Low-code represents the future of application development. Remember the needless complexities and costs of building separately across platforms? Not with low-code. Build an application once, and it simply runs everywhere flawlessly with no extra work or cost. Many (30 percent) of our survey respondents said they would use fully customized coding to build complex business logic (how data is created, stored, and changed) today. But in the future, as platforms improve their capabilities in this area, the same percentage of respondents said they'd use low-code for this task.

You don't have to wait for the future to gain ROI from low-code development. Today, organizations worldwide are going to market fast with game-changing business applications that generate high user adoption across the enterprise.

Low-code is enterprise-ready

Appian understands failure is not an option in today's world of digital transformation. Enterprises require more than speed to market offered by low-code. It is imperative to integrate with existing systems, own your data, and build for the future, all while delivering an engaging user experience that can be deployed through all devices. This is all part of the Appian offering. With our low-code platform, you can turn your great ideas into applications, fast ñ so you don't have to compromise between speed and a lot of built-in free power ñ you get both.

We built our platform to support the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of security certifications and deliver best-in-class platform reliability. Today, our platform ranks as the industry's best in terms of service level agreements (SLAs), recovery point objectives (RPOs), and recovery time objective (RTOs).

How can Appian help your organization take the low-code plunge?

Explore our low-code platform for yourself with a free trial or by taking advantage of the Appian Guarantee, our commitment that your first project will be live within eight weeks for a low flat-fee.

Want to learn more about low-code's potential for top-priority enterprise applications and key recommendations?

Download the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Appian, "Large Enterprises Succeeding with Low-Code".