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Breaking Down Silos Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Victoria Ebel, Appian
June 25, 2019

Throughout the product lifecycle, life sciences organizations battle inefficient, siloed processes that add cost and time to getting a drug or medical device to market and drain resources that could be used for new innovations.

Now, however, new technologies promise streamlined processes, faster time-to-market, and increased patient value. These technologies include:

    • Low-Code: Enabling fast implementation of unique and powerful applications, low-code lets you roll out a solution to your entire user base with a single click. Its intuitive drag-and-drop design enables visual development for all aspects of app development.

    • Intelligent Automation: By driving serious changes in traditional workflows, intelligent automation lets organizations orchestrate business processes across people, robots, systems, and artificial intelligence, eliminating redundancies and streamlining execution.

    • Compliance: Within the heavily regulated life sciences industry, control compliance with new technologies and solutions that enable effective policy management, transparent risk management, and the process flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

    • Smart Engagement: Keep pace with changing consumer and patient expectations with intelligent contact center technology. A complete, unified view of the consumer and rapid resolution of issues results in superior agent performance and world-class consumer experiences.

The technology is out there, but where to begin? The industry's disconnect between speedy innovation and slow digital adoption suggests that many organizations either don't know where to begin or are using the wrong approach. Appian's latest ebook shows you what to look for in a digital solution--and how to solve challenges throughout the product lifecycle. Download it now: Achieve Operational Excellence Throughout the Product Lifecycle.