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AppianPUBLICSECTOR19: Technology Leaders Discuss Government Low-Code Trends (Part 2 of 2)

Scott Dulman
December 18, 2019

The government community celebrated its enterprise low-code accomplishments and the growing adoption of the Appian platform at AppianPUBLICSECTOR19. Participants heard how low-code is changing the modernization of mission systems from speakers at the FDA, Marine Corps, NOAA, and CSBS. Appian and our partners presented new public sector applications and technology demonstrations at eight breakout sessions and in the exhibition hall.

You can learn more about innovative federal agencies that are transforming their processes and systems from a recent Low-Code and Intelligent Automation Strategy at Department of Transportation webinar hosted by FCW. Listen to Edward Dowgiallo from the DOT and Natalie Carey from Appian discuss the use cases, best practices, and challenges of delivering low-code and intelligent automation applications in federal agencies.

Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton Thought Leadership Sessions

Nine Appian government partners sponsored AppianPUBLICSECTOR19 and they participated in the conference with breakout sessions, exhibition booths, and Appian demonstrations. Blue chip sponsors included Accenture, Attain, Booz Allen Hamilton, CollabraLink, Deloitte, DLT, GDIT, TSPi, and UIPath. Leaders from Booz Allen and Deloitte shared their insights about low-code and intelligent automation trends at federal agencies in two standing room only breakout sessions.

Deloitte's Appian Practice Leader, Kerri Maloney, explained that Deloitte organized an Appian Solutions Incubator to help agencies speed up the modernization process through application accelerators, templates, and reusable components. Deloitte's Appian Chief Technical Architect, Rob Turverey, showed the flexibility of Appian through an ad-hoc workflow demonstration. Lastly, Kerri led a panel that discussed three high-level use cases when Deloitte's government clients should select Appian:

    • Agency needs the best of breed enterprise low-code platform

    • IT modernization

    • Extending ERP with new capabilities or complimentary applications

Terry Mandable, Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton, told the audience that more than 100 Booz Allen consultants completed Appian training programs. Booz Allen clients leverage low-code platforms to deliver fast, secure, and scalable mission-critical systems. Osama Malik, Principal, described Booz Allen's modernization framework that delivers long-lasting capabilities, common government use cases, and lessons learned from implementing large-scale enterprise low-code systems. Terry and Osama demonstrated three Appian prototypes developed in the BAH Innovation Lab:

    • Financial fraud investigation case management application

    • Machine Learning app to predict best SOC code

    • Appian dashboard app with Tableau integration

Appian Experts Shared Their Secrets in Breakout Sessions

Appian experts shared their tips, tricks, best practices, and demonstrations of the latest product releases. This year we added interactive breakout sessions for new and experienced Appian customers. Members from Appian's Product and Professional Services teams led five popular sessions:

    • Best Practices in End User Engagement During Development

    • User Experience Master Class

    • Delivering the Appian Platform at Scale

    • Establishing an Appian COE in Your Organization

    • Records Based Application Design

Best Practices in End User Engagement During Development covered the various techniques for engaging end-users early and throughout project delivery. The speakers shared lessons learned from Appian projects and discussed the tools used to reduce risks and enable effective interactions with stakeholders. The User Experience Master Class introduced a universal approach for user-centered design to make sure Appian projects address the needs and wants of the user community. We also explored a step-by-step process to create a navigation flow for all users from a storyboard of the overall journey to the arrangement of page elements.

The Delivering the Appian Platform at Scale session described the best practices for implementing Appian at scale, through incremental development and the application of proven techniques. Leaders from Appian Professional Services explained how to assemble and manage large teams, create the desired cadence, and set up a governance structure to ensure collaboration across teams.

Establishing an Appian COE in Your Organization provided an introduction and recommendations discovered by observing how the most successful companies build a Center of Excellence (COE) and Digital Enablement Center (DEC). We learned about organizing a DEC for optimal delivery, offering governance without creating a bottleneck, sharing best practices and reusable components, and establishing the right combination of business and IT.

Ready to learn more? Check out Appian Public Sector Solutions.