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Appian + Google: Best-in-Class AI the Low-Code Way

Appian Contributor
May 14, 2019

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Modern applications need Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities like image recognition and sentiment analysis. Implementing AI optimizes human workflows, reduces costs, and elevates the customer experience. Until now though, building these technologies into applications were complicated and costly until Appian AI.

Appian AI lets Appian enterprise customers add best-in-class Google Cloud Platform Artificial Intelligence services to any business application for free, fast, and without knowing much about the inner workings of AI. No other offering makes it this easy to start leveraging AI capabilities.

Appian AI lets you quickly create applications that leverage:

    • Google Translate API, including language detection and translation

    • Google Vision API, including label detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and enhanced OCR services

    • Google Natural Language, including entity recognition, sentiment analysis, syntax analysis, and content classification

How does all this work?

There are three key parts to Appian AI. When you are first enrolled into Appian, we handle all of the administrative setup and management for Google Cloud services. We give you all of the keys needed to securely connect to Google Cloud services, and you're off to the races.

Next, using our no-code integrations capabilities, you are able to connect to these services in a matter of minutes. Simply use the provided keys, provide the necessary data, and your application is leveraging AI--no data scientists needed.

Finally, in our standard tier offering, we give you enough free calls to Google's AI services to meaningfully implement AI into your applications. More importantly, you can use any combination of these services up to the standard tier limits. For example, the free tier lets you use various call levels as follows:

    • 1,000,000 characters per month for Google Translate API

    • 10,000 calls per month for Google Vision API

    • 10,000 records per month for Google Natural Language

But you are not limited to these calls for each service. If your use case calls for more Google Natural Language records or Google Vision calls, than translations, you are free to do so. Customers who have additional usage requirements can request more calls for an additional fee.

Only Appian AI gives you the speed of low-code, combined with the free power of artificial intelligence.

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