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Appian 19.1 Product Release - A New Way to Integrate

Appian Contributor
February 18, 2019

The start of a new year always bring with it excitement of what's to come. Therefore it's no surprise that we're pretty excited to deliver 19.1, our first quarterly release of 2019.

One of the biggest things getting everyone talking is a new SDK available to developers to extend the amount of services accessible through Appian's low-code platform. Appian already ships with a ton of integration templates that reduce the time it takes to connect with another service from hours or days to just minutes. And with our new Integration SDK, developers can create even more no-code integrations accessible through the Appian AppMarket.

Furthermore, the Appian Integration SDK enables developers to create component UI plug-ins, bringing seamless visual integrations to systems like Power BI and Google Maps into Appian. This allows for deep interactivity between the Appian UI and other key enterprise systems, making for a fluid and intuitive user experience.

Speaking of seamless, there's a wide range of other capabilities in Appian 19.1 that make the application design experience as seamless as ever, including:

    • Visual query editor for no-code database queries

    • Auto-interface builder from introspecting data models

    • Offline mobile support for process tasks

    • No-code integration to Blue Prism RPA

    • Smart memory utilization protections

    • Support for Microsoft Azure SQL as a business data store

    • And much more...

We are so excited about Appian 19.1, that we even set up a Hackathon competition for the upcoming Appian World conference on May 13th to 15th in San Diego. The Appian World Hackathon has launched with the release of Appian 19.1 and participation includes access to a special Appian Cloud instance for the duration of the competition to support your development. Learn more about the Appian World Hackathon at

If you would like to learn more about these and other great features this release, be sure to watch the 19.1 Product Announcement Webinar hosted by Malcolm Ross, VP of Product, now available here.

And be sure to check out the AppMarket for new component and connected system plug-ins to extend the capabilities of your low code application.

Good luck to everyone in 2019 and be sure to keep looking for more awesome features at Appian World and beyond.