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Two Key Ways to Transform Customer Experience

Appian Contributor
November 7, 2018

In today's world, "fast and easy" is the expectation. Items can be delivered the same day they are ordered, appointments can be scheduled with the tap of a finger, even groceries show up at your door without ever having to go into a store. When it comes to customer service, the same "fast and easy" expectations apply. However, many contact centers aren't able to keep up with the demands of the modern customer, and so organizations are looking to transform.

In order to transform customer experience, contact centers should place an emphasis on two key areas:

    • Combining the data and systems they already have for a unified customer view

    • Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI for increased agent productivity

Achieve a Unified View of the Customer

Siloed information is impeding efficient customer service. To gain a clear view of your customers, you need an easy-to-use interface that unifies all essential information. Agents shouldn't be spending time jumping from one solution to another, or putting people on hold in order to find the answer to a question.

Appian's Intelligent Contact Centerô Platform connects to all of your critical systems and data and pulls the disjointed information into a single interface and integrates with leading communication systems for a seamless customer experience. Appian streamlines processes to create the most stress-free experience for agents and customers alike.

The Advantages of Intelligent Automation

Automating manual processes is the best way to accelerate operations and ensure quality experiences. AI provides machine learning services, language processing, sentiment analysis, deep learning, image recognition and more. RPA integrates directly with external apps and databases, communicating with to-hard-to-integrate legacy systems. Together they automate tasks and provide a new level of intelligence to agents, providing a focus on bringing the very best service and experiences to customers.

Want to Learn More?

Join me in Las Vegas at the ICMI Contact Center Demo conference on Tuesday November 13th at 1:15PM, where I will be diving deeper into how Appian can completely transform the customer experience.

Can't make it? Learn more about the Appian Intelligent Contact Centerô Platform here.

Hope to see you soon,

Todd Marthaler

Industry Practice Lead