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Optimize Citizen Services through Intelligent Automation for Contact Centers

Appian Contributor
August 8, 2018

The contact center has long been the frontline for ensuring positive customer outcomes. With the emergence of new communications channels, growing regulations, and changing customer expectations, ensuring consistent and seamless interactions has become increasingly difficult. Siloed operations, manual processes, and legacy systems present significant barriers to achieving an integrated customer experience.

So how can a government agency transform its contact center operations into engagement centers to redefine the citizen experience with commercial sector expertise?

The Appian Intelligent Contact Centerô Platform makes it easy for any government organization to build next generation contact center applications that optimize citizen engagement, increase agent efficiency, and deliver strategic and repeatable value.

Appian provides a single unified platform centered on case management, intelligent business processes and a unified view of data for comprehensive, innovative customer engagement. With Appian, you can connect, extend, or replace components of contact center environments to quickly modernize customer contact capabilities. The result is a unique, flexible and operational system. Adopting a case management approach empowers organizations to deliver seamless customer experiences while enabling greater innovation across the business.

Features of the Appian Intelligent Contact Centerô Platform

    • Create seamless citizen engagement through Omni-channel Engagement.Turn multi-channel support into a true omni-channel environment by integrating voice, chat, SMS, email, social media, and co-browsing into a single interface. Provide agents a comprehensive view of the citizen journey while handling Tier 0 and Tier 1 contacts via phone, email, chat or other channels.

    • Dynamic Case Management unifies systems and data for holistic views.Achieve a single, consistent view of the citizen and support high-end problem solving for complex interactions and workflows. Unifying the interactions between people, process, data, and content, knowledge management provides a powerful interface that allows agents to provide accurate information and reach resolution faster. Enable greater agent efficiency with Intelligent Automation.

    • Automate work and orchestrate processes, integrate new system capabilities and features, and apply business rules with Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Agents are supported by robotics and coached by artificial intelligence, allowing them to focus on advising citizens, delivering personalized offers, and pursuing upsell opportunities. our organization can focus on evolving its processes and operations to anticipate and deliver on future citizen expectations, before those needs are even actualized.

    • Low-Code Application Platform assures compliant rapid delivery on-premises and in the cloud. When speed to market and compliance is critical, adopting a cloud strategy with a low-code application development platform is essential. Build applications that meet security, confidentiality and compliance controls, while accelerating time for deployment and in turn, time-to-value for the contact center.

Appian Intelligent Contact Centerô Platform Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how the Appian Intelligent Contact Center has digitally transformed how an organization handles these processes:

    • Target Group achieved 80% reduction in customer service processing time through a custom remediation program solution delivered in 2 weeks.

    • A leading global investment firm reduced Customer Service Representative response time by 85% and manager escalations by 80%, significantly reducing manual controls and operating costs.

    • Aviva, one of the UK's largest insurance companies, achieved a 9X acceleration in customer service response times and more than 40% operational cost savings with 22 systems consolidated to 4 synergistic Appian applications.

    • One of the largest health insurers in the US reduced Member Management data collection and reporting times by 75% and achieved $10 million in annual cost savings.

Get Started with the Appian Intelligent Contact Centerô Platform for IT Modernization

Through dynamic modernization, government organizations have the ability to not only modernize their current IT systems but ensure their future viability. Now is the time to take IT Modernization off your "to-do" list and finally make it a reality.

There are multiple elements that go into a digital platform capable of dynamically modernizing your organization's contact center capabilities. Visit our Public Sector Resource Center to discover the key elements that should be part of your organization's next digital platform.