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How Integration and Automation Can Reduce Headaches for Life Sciences

Victoria Ebel, Appian
November 13, 2018

I recently had the opportunity to attend Appian's Life Sciences User Group at Celgene headquarters in Summit, New Jersey. I joined over 100 of Appian's life sciences' customers to hear how they are using Appian to help with their unique company needs. There were customer stories on everything from developing end-to-end labeling solutionsto successfully navigating the regulatory landscape, and implementing effective external stakeholder engagement.

Within all the different topics discussed, I noticed two key themes among our customers' implementation stories:

    • Appian's integration capabilities were essential for speed of implementation and ease of users

    • Customers are using, or hoping to use, Appian's automation tools to enhance user experience and increase efficiency


Almost every customer that spoke at our user group mentioned the importance of Appian's integration capabilities. Appian's ability to integrate with pre-existing systems makes implementation easier and helps bridge silos and streamline the entire user experience. Users also feel more comfortable seeing the processes they are familiar with sitting behind Appian's modern UI. They can continue executing the process they are used to at a much more efficient pace, without having to overhaul all processes and/or migrate all their data.


Many of Appian's life sciences customers are also in the midst of, or are planning on, taking efficiency to the next level with our RPA and AI offerings. Automation can be used to step up the user experience as well as efficiency. Customers are analyzing user tasks and asking, "Does a human worker need to handle this task or can a digital worker?"

Adding automation into the back end of processes can reduce monotony, freeing up users to focus on more critical tasks and accomplish goals faster.

One Appian customer is using RPA to gather and share operational data in support of the site selection processes, improving efficiency and providing for more informed decision making.

With Appian's integration and automation capabilities, customers have been able to create unique solutions for a wide variety of their business needs. I'm already looking forward to next year's user group to hear how these customers and their consumers are accomplishing their goals with Appian. Until then, see all the ways customers are already utilizing Appian on our Life Sciences Resources Page.

Victoria Ebel

Appian Industry Marketing, Life Sciences