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Get Inspired by the Real Top Gun at Appian World 2018

Ben Farrell
March 2, 2018

The transformation to digital business is not about what you do. It's about how you do it. Customer service is a "what." The right blend of human reps and robotic assistants working with the right contextualized customer data over any channel is a "how." "How" is so much more powerful than "what." "How" is the source of an organization's differentiation in its market. But the "how" of digital business doesn't start with technology.

Re-thinking how your organization does what it does starts re-imagining what is possible. Appian World 2018 keynote speaker John Foley is going to help you do that. John is the former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, and an expert in the "how" of high-performance teams.

John consistently performed in an extreme, high-stakes environment, flying at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour and in formations as close as 18 inches apart. To survive in those circumstances, he relied on a culture of high trust and leadership that turns inherently unforgiving flight into extraordinary experiences. His presentation will explore those intense realities as a metaphor to motivate you and your team to reach for your highest potential.

John's post-Naval experiences as an entrepreneur and a Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business put him in a unique position to reverse-engineer the culture of excellence and teamwork found in the Blue Angels. He has created a framework and a mythology that inspires greatness while propelling others on their own journey toward higher performance.

Here's a clip of John asking the question, "How Good Do You Want to Be?"

Take a look, and then register for Appian World to get a full blast of high-energy inspiration from a real-life Top Gun.