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Gartner Says: Government Needs a Low-Code, Digital Platform

Appian Contributor
August 22, 2018

Government CIOs recognize that their agencies must be agile and innovative, but they struggle to be responsive in developing digital initiatives. Governments must address their decaying technology infrastructure and become productive members of the digital ecosystem.

Government CIOs can make the case for sustained IT modernization funding by showing how digital platforms are vital to lowering risk and achieving business transformation goals.

By 2023, more than 80% of the government's digital implementations that do not build on a technology platform will fail to meet objectives.

-- Gartner

In response, government leaders have implemented innovation plans, applied performance management and cut budgets to spark transformative change. However, most of these initiatives have failed to turn the tide on delivering sustainable improvements, and budget cuts have led to short-term cost savings at the neglect of infrastructure and system maintenance and life cycles.

Barriers to Digital Transformation

Several challenges were laid out in the report as barriers to digital transformation that need to be addressed so that organizations can move forward. Some of those challenges included:

    • Siloed, legacy government systems and business processes increase risk and exacerbate challenges in data sharing and service delivery across the ecosystem.

    • Government CIOs recognize that their agencies want to be agile and innovative, but they struggle to be responsive in developing digital initiatives.

    • Funding innovation budgets is increasingly difficult while keeping services running. Consequently, governments are left with few resources to dedicate to innovation and the building of sustainable business models, while legacy systems consume increasing portions of available funds.

Low-Code, Dynamic Modernization Platform

Gartner also predicts that through 2021, market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT capacity to deliver it.

As a result of the forces behind Gartner's prediction, as many government agencies are reviewing a digital platform, they are looking at low-code development as a requirement as well for the ability to enable a broad range of developers to rapidly build and deploy custom web and mobile apps without the need for time-consuming coding. Plus, low-code tools allow non-technical resources to contribute as well, further reducing the burden on IT.

With the demand for custom applications increasing in the public sector, it's clear that organizations need a faster way to deliver and low-code development platforms provide a proven way to shorten time-to-value for these new applications.

Additionally, as efficiency, transparency, and flexibility are increasingly important to the

The Appian Advantage

Through dynamic modernization, government organizations have the ability to not only modernize their current IT systems but ensure their future viability.

Government agencies require a high productivity platform that supports innovation, reduces costs, and delivers new capabilities with speed and agility. Is your organization ready for the future? Now is the time to take IT Modernization off your "to-do" list and finally make it a reality.

Visit our Public Sector Resource Center to discover the key elements that should be part of your organization's next digital platform.

Brian Chidester

Industry Marketing Lead - Public Sector