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Gartner Says: Digital Ambition is Redefining Oil & Gas Operations

Jenna Harvey, Global Manager, Emerging Industries
November 14, 2018

Changing business demands and increasing "digital ambitions" are shifting the way oil and gas companies operate. Strategic priorities are focused on leveraging technology to derive more value from assets and gain operational efficiency.

As pressure mounts to deliver more strategic value, oil and gas CIOs must rethink operating models and IT capabilities to have the agility, speed, and innovation that is required to deploy digitalization at enterprise scale.

Drive Efficiency and Innovation with Digital Technology

Gartner points out key digital capabilities emerging that enable oil and gas companies to respond and adapt effectively to changing business demands. These include:

Whether it's asset performance, field service management, turnaround execution, or supply chain management, these digital capabilities allow organizations to accelerate innovation and improve operations.

Adopt IoT to Improve Transparency

Oil and gas companies are among the leading adopters of IoT technologies across all industries, with 47% having already adopted them or planning to adopt.

A good example of digital technology in action is the growing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) in oil and gas. Organizations have the opportunity to improve business decisions, operations, and safety by better leveraging the IoT data produced by networks and sensors, as well as coordinating control and deriving insights from key assets.

Utilizing the information from aggregate sensor systems (including SCADA systems), organizations can kick off a business process or push out active notifications to an application or device of any kind. Notifications can include triggering of warning lights, sirens, valve shut-off, or even the closing of a security gate, allowing for early detection and faster response.

Digitalization at Enterprise Scale

To digitally-enable the enterprise, modernize processes, and adapt to change, Appian provides a platform for oil and gas companies to quickly deliver powerful enterprise applications. Energy organizations are seeing improved operations, revenue growth, and faster innovation across the value chain.

Gartner explains how oil and gas organizations can achieve digitalized operations by rethinking their approach to IT operating models and incorporating capabilities for greater agility and optimization.

The full Gartner report "Why IT Operating Models are Under Strain and How Oil and Gas CIOs Should Respond" is a must read for oil and gas companies looking to intensify their adoption of digital technologies, with actionable insights on:

    • Critical digital capabilities emerging for oil and gas companies

    • Strategies across business, digital, and IT to enable a digitalized enterprise that is responsive, adaptable, and proactive

    • Changing enterprise operating models to meet digital business demands

    • Addressing potential barriers to adopting digital technologies

Additionally, you can visit Appian's Energy Resource Center to discover key application areas across operations, corporate functions, and safety and compliance, where leading energy companies are scaling digital initiatives.

Jenna Harvey

Industry Marketing Manager