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Future Government Roadmap Defined by Intelligent Automation

Appian Contributor
September 5, 2018

From budget constraints to rapidly shifting constituent expectations, public sector organizations need to fully process data, integrate with existing legacy systems, and effectively communicate with their stakeholders and citizens, while enforcing security, privacy, and regulations compliance. Government workforces are taking on increased workloads, with increased expectations and under increased scrutiny, while relying on dated and disconnected technology systems to make it all work.

Enter Intelligent Automation. By combining the power of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), and integration, government agencies can address speed, process improvement, quality, accuracy and even the citizen experience. At all levels of government, automating processes allows time to focus on high-value, strategic initiatives.

But in order to enhance programs and services, government agencies must first understand how to harness intelligent automation to reap maximum benefits. Here are a few benefits that agencies are already seeing with each technology:

Robotic Process Automation

Public sector agencies are finding that RPA bots are valuable for automating mundane, repetitive tasks, such as cutting and pasting data from one system to another. These tools can work with existing IT systems, making them a great way to get started.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can solve a number of challenges that the public sector faces today. Governments are already implementing AI to improve the quality of citizen engagement--and deliver cost savings--through chatbots.

Business Process Management

When used effectively, BPM can uncover process inefficiencies and improve the quality of end-to-end processes while also ensuring regulatory compliance and improving government services to citizens by making it easier to modify decision rules and processes as requirements change.


Integrations empower government to support multiple public data systems on one platform, and consolidate the data into a single, unified interface.

Although the Federal government has made gradual strides toward overhauling its IT systems, agencies must place a greater emphasis on automation, and the new possibilities that come with emerging technologies. Intelligent Automation offers government agencies huge potential to dynamically modernize the way they do business.

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Brian Chidester

Industry Marketing Lead - Public Sector