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Evolution. Appian's New Release

Marcelo Andrieu, Technical Product Marketing Manager
August 28, 2018

Time flies. It seems Appian World 2018 was yesterday, but we are already deep in Q3, shipping our new 18.3 release. Quite remarkable.

Appian keeps moving the chains. Evolution is our theme for this release. What does it mean? It means delivering more and better for everybody. Productivity-boosting features for designers, new modern interface controls for end-users, platform and security features for administrators. In the end, it's about being able to deliver engaging enterprise applications faster and smarter, while making everybody's life simpler.

Appian 18.3 Highlights

For users, we bring modern mobile interfaces.Better, faster, and more beautiful; Appian for mobile devices just got a major update. Every interface component has been updated so users can experience the full power and appeal of Appian wherever they are.

For designers, our goal in this release is around information and simplicity. We've provided new tools to get the information you need to understand and improve applications for performance and efficiency. We also added new features for comparing versions, sending documents, enhanced interface design and navigation, and a lot more.

For administrators, we've made it so you can upload your trusted certificates directly to the Admin console. And, on the platform side of things, we removed the need for a separate application server. Appian ships now with a pre-configured version of Tomcat. Fewer configurations, and no need for a JBoss license.

That's not all. For a full walkthrough of this newest release, watch our Appian 18.3 Product Announcement Webinar.