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Automating Life Sciences to Unlock Patient Value

Evi Cohen, Vice President, Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian
March 14, 2018

A new digital ecosystem has arisen in the life sciences and healthcare sector, focused on a patient-centric view. This view is shaping day-to-day processes, organizational structures, and innovation.

Life sciences organizations are faced with a choice:

Adapt to the new era and build a product lifecycle that has digital at its core, or fall prey to rising drug development costs and patient-centric digital disruptors who are better positioned to meet market demands.

Further, to stay competitive in this new age, life sciences organizations must shift their focus, moving "beyond-the-pill" to create digital solutions that improve and uplift the value provided to the patient.

Shift to Digitally-Enabled Solutions

Life sciences companies operate in some of the most heavily regulated markets, and face unprecedented compliance and systems challenges to bring products to market. To unlock patient value by accelerating time to market while maintaining quality, leaders are digitally transforming across each stage of the product lifecycle - from concept to delivery - with patient value in mind.

By adopting digital technologies, life sciences organizations can better connect with patients, improve methods of data collection and analysis, and enhance efficiencies. Patients are also more likely to self-generate data through mobile devices, applications, and interfaces, driving more accurate treatments, better disease management, and overall improved patient outcomes.

"In digital health the winners are going to be the companies that sit on the largest amount of patient≠-level, granular data . . . a lot of players are taking and building a position in the market." -Stefan Biesdorf, a principal at McKinsey

Gathering, organizing, and interpreting data on patients' health and treatment outcomes through the use of intelligent automation will transform what is possible for the industry.

Automate for Patient Value

Staying competitive in the life sciences industry requires that organizations adopt the latest intelligent automation approaches -- including RPA, AI, and Cloud technologies -- to provide the most accurate and beneficial medicines and treatments to patients. These forms of automation are helping to improve data management, streamline processes, and ultimately innovate across the product lifecycle to unlock patient value.

With Appian, a unifying digital platform for intelligent automation, organizations can deliver new applications for patient value while preserving what's important in current systems. Using the Appian digital platform, organizations can unlock patient value through reduced cycle times, increased transparency and traceability, and improved collaboration and compliance.

Specifically, Appian can help in such areas as:

    • Labeling Process & Material Management

    • External Stakeholder Engagement

    • Product Registration & Submission Management

    • Study Start Up Management

    • Safety Information Tracking and Management

To compete with digital disruption in the life sciences industry, evolving to a more patient-centric approach is key. To provide the best value to patients, implementing new automation is crucial.

To learn more about how intelligent automation is benefitting the life sciences ecosystem, view our ebook 3 Ways to Unlock Patient Value with Intelligent Automation.

Evjatar (Evi) Cohen

Vice President, Global Life Sciences - Pharma/Biotech & Med. Devices