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AppianFEDERAL 2018

Alexa Cushman
November 16, 2018

On Thursday, November 8, I had the pleasure of attending AppianFEDERAL 2018 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C., where leaders in both tech and government gathered to discuss the changing landscape of technology throughout the public sector space.

The event kicked off with Appian CEO Matt Calkins discussing Appian's unique relationship within the government space, especially federal, since we are a part of the Washington, D.C. community. With Appian being headquartered in Northern Virginia, we understand the unique makeup and challenges the Federal Government faces because we're based right here. With Appian's FedRAMP authorized cloud we are more ready than ever to help agencies serve constituents and advance the mission of the modern day warfighter.

AppianFEDERAL also had a key focus on artificial intelligence (AI), and we were fortunate enough to hear from influencers in both the Defense and Civilian side of government on how Appian has improved their processes.

Appian Public Sector Industry Leader Jason Adolf sat down with a panel from the United States Marine Corp recruiting team where they shared how their recruiters were delivering increased results within four weeks of being trained on Appian. Appian made it easier for recruiters to efficiently meet and exceed their recruitment goals with the best possible candidates to serve.

Key discussions also focused on Appian's capabilities within the Intelligent Contact Center space in order to help enable call center agents to get a full picture of the person they're serving on the phone, and thus, improve customer service. With this, we heard about Appian's work with our partner Blue Prism on robotic process automation (RPA) and how agencies can more easily allocate the tasks that are best served by bots versus humans.

Timothy Stitely, Vice President and Partner, Federal Health, Public Service, Global Business Service at IBM, spoke about how to take the current buzz around AI and integrate it into mission critical systems. He focuses on three P's:

    • Proof of concept

    • Pilot

    • Production and Scale

AI integration should be value-driven, outcome-driven, and data-driven to take behaviors from the past in order to start predicting the future.

Want to learn more about Appian's work in the government space? For those in the Washington, D.C. viewing area, tune in Tuesday, December 4th to Government Matters on WJLA 24/7 (Formerly News Channel 8) at 8:30 and 11:30 p.m. to hear about "Intelligent Automation: Transforming the Public Sector." Guests on the show will include:

    • Matt Calkins, Founder and CEO, Appian

    • Jason Glavich, MCRISS Program Manager, United States Marine Corps

    • Christopher Mayfield, MCRISS Operations Officer, United States Marine Corps

    • Ngoc Vu, SVP, IT Digital Services, CSBS

    • Timothy Stitely, Vice President and Partner, Federal Health, Public Service, Global Business Service, IBM

    • Kirke Everson, Principal, Intelligent Automation Leader, US Government and Public Sector, KPMG

Each year, AppianFEDERAL grows to an even more impressive event that I truly enjoy attending. As a member of the Washington, D.C. area community, Appian is ready to serve those within the government space and we look forward to seeing you at events throughout the community, and AppianFEDERAL 2019 next year!

Alexa Cushman

Senior Industry Marketing Manager